Thunder Beach – Tire Burnout Until it Blows, Nick Lee VIDEO

Dubbed “The Burnout King“, Nick Lee, blew through tires Saturday on his modified Harley Davidson Sportster at Frank Brown Park in Panama City Beach.  Going through 150 tires and 2 bikes each year, he travels the country putting on performances at anything from motorcycle rallies to car shows.  From Wisconsin, he pretty much travels 24/7 now but hasn’t forgotten his northern accent.

Talking with Nick, he said this is actually quite difficult.  Afterwards he was out of breath.  “The bike wants to grab, so you have to hold it in place.”

7 thoughts on “Thunder Beach – Tire Burnout Until it Blows, Nick Lee VIDEO

  1. I am a little surprised by John’s comment on intellect, pathetic or is he jealous? I actually think the intellect level is with Nick the Burnout King. He holds the World Record and has managed to travel this country as well as several others by doing something he loves. This is an old school tradition in the biking industry and he has many high end companies sponsoring him. It take s a lot of strength and skill to hold that bike in place and a lot of very intelligent people respect this. I think the problem comes when people judge things with absolutely no knowledge of what they are talking about.


  2. Mr. Dobson,
    The lower intellect is more easily tollerated the your elevated attitude. THAT’S pathetic. So quick to judge? Relax, Champ, and try and get your panties un knotted. Obviously, he’s not the only one enjoying it if he’s doing it full time. 🙂


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