Panama City Beach TDC CVB Strategic Planning Process Outline

I was able to get my hands on the Bay County Tourist Development Council Panama City Beach CVB Strategic Planning Process Outline. It spells out where we are wanting to take Panama City Beach over the next couple of years and how we are going to get there. Following are excerpts from the document with the option to download the whole document at the end.

In January, the Bay County TDC initiated a strategic planning process to help chart the course for the Panama City Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau in coming years.

Building off of the initial work conducted, the CVB developed four key initiatives and potential funding strategy to serve as the framework for discussion as the initiatives are explored and articulated in advance of the final plan. This document includes the initiatives, as well as the notes from the retreat.

In June, a final strategic plan will be presented to the TDC for adoption.

Key Initiatives:

Develop PCB into a year-round tourist destination

  • Create additional demand generators
    • Enhanced Sports Complex
    • Convention Center
    • Eco-Tourism Opportunities
    • Attract new, family friendly, entertainment venues
  • Working with private sector partners, foster and grow seasonal festivals and events
    • Spring Break
    • Holidays at PCB
    • Continuation of special event policies and funding priorities
  • Enhance the visitor experience at PCB
    • Support the CRA with its plans to enhance mobility around PCB, as well as enhance the streetscape and pedestrian friendliness of the transportation thoroughfares
    • Develop community-wide customer service and hospitality training for front-line employees and volunteers
    • Work with industry partners to enhance Wi-Fi capabilities within PCB

Enhance and strengthen efforts to market PCB as a tourist destination

  • Exploit technology adn marketing research to effectively market PCB as a destination of choice for vacation travel
    • Develop website that is the premier internet portal for visitors researching or planning a trip to PCB
    • Engage in primary and secondary research studies and visitor profiles to thoroughly understand existing visitors and their behaviors as well as emerging markets and trends.

Goals Discussed in the retreat

  • Make PCB a one-stop sports Mecca
  • For PCB to beocme thenumber one beach destination in the eastern US
  • Quadruple occupance
  • 30 flights a day from Chicago – “Chicago’s Beach”
  • Host Super Bowl 47
  • Achieve $5 million annually in media coverage


  • Reputation as Redneck Riviera
  • Lack of special events and attractions
  • Lack of curb appeal
  • Dirty beaches
  • Lack of convention center
  • Lack of marketing money
  • No dollars for technology, websites, etc.
  • Failure to share tourism data
  • Can’t sell community on recycling
  • Lack of funds for tram system
  • Can’t pass proper ordinances to make destination pedestrian friendly
  • Can’t get community to agree on common purpose
  • Lack of knowledge about what tourists want
  • Airport may not happen
  • Lack of research, labor, cooperation.

Much of the 12 page document was left out in my excerpts above, for the entire document, you can download it here:


3 thoughts on “Panama City Beach TDC CVB Strategic Planning Process Outline

  1. I am thrilled to see that one of the goals discussed was: “30 flights a day from Chicago – Chicago’s Beach.” I am from Chicago and have been going to PCB for 20 years, and now own a condo on the beach. We love PCB, but the lack of a direct flight into PCB is an obstacle. We have always had to take 2 flights, through Atlanta or Memphis then to PCB. American Airlines has just started offering a direct flight from Chicago to Ft. Walton, but there is only 1 flight a day, it can be very expensive, and then you still have to drive 1 1/2 hours to get to PCB. I know many people in Chicago choose other Florida destinations based on the ease of direct flight travel. This would be Awesome!


  2. Umm. Didn’t they leave out a few of the biggest obstacles: 4 weeks of drunk college kids, girls gone wild, rapes on the beach, etc.

    Oh wait, spring break is actually listed as a key initiative. I forgot who wrote the outline.


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