TDC/CVB Meeting- 2011 Marketing Plans

TDC/CVB Feb 8 meeting offered an in-depth look into the 2011 marketing strategies as well as an opportunity to check out the newest TV Commercials.

The Real. Fun. Beach commercials were created to hit specific markets and have two versions in rotation, aimed at targeting Couples and Families.

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Join CVB to Showcase PCB via Skype!

Panama City Beach CVB to showcase its sunny weather and sugar-white sand beaches to national media via Skype!

CVB officials are hosting a video conference via Skype for national media in New York City, and the CVB wants YOU to join them!

Details Below, Time Sensitive (Event is TODAY at Noon)

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AGENDA: TDC/CVB: Sep 29 Budget Discussions

Combined Tourist Development Council and Convention and Visitor’s Bureau meeting to discuss amendment to the 2010 CVB Budget.


Bay County Tourist Development Council
Panama City Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau, Inc.
Panama City Beach
Tuesday, September 29, 2009
4:00 p.m.
Board Room, Visitor

Information Center



A. Invocation
B. Pledge of Allegiance




To download this agenda please click here

TDC: Spring Break Recommendations – No More MTV

TDC/CVB had a combined meeting this week to pass Spring Break recommendations presented by Dan Rowe, CEO of the Tourist Development Council. After long weeks of deliberations, meetings and one vigorous community forum, a recommendation on Spring Break was reached that will decidedly cut Spring Break advertising ergo, cutting ties with MTV.

Bullet point recommendations at the meeting were as follows:

  • TDC Actions:
    • Limit Paid Advertising to “Spring Break Responsibly” campaigns
    • Engage in Proactive Spring Break Public Relations activities
    • Develop a Spring Break Section of with Spring Break Responsibly messages, “Rules of the Road,” Spring Break Friendly Lodging.
  • Requested City of Panama City Beach Actions
    • Conduct workshops for businesses engaged in Spring Break to discuss ways of better managing Spring Break business owners’ roles in the enforcement of state and local laws and other avenues to control potential problems related to Spring Break.
    • Conduct workshops with the public and lodging establishments not directly engaged in Spring Break on strategies to control and limit impacts from Spring Break, as well as define various roles, responsibilities, and what action public safety officials can legally and practically take.
    • Hire auxiliary police during peak weeks to augment PCB PD to increase police presence along Front Beach Road.
    • Provide additional foot, canine and ATV patrols in areas of high Spring Break activity, including on the sandy beach to enforce littering, glass and other laws.
    • Fully implement the Special Events Ordinance to insure gatherings of college students at outdoor concerts and other assemblies have appropriate management and public safety plans in place.
    • Encourage FRLA to take and active role in getting the association’s members to proactively manage Spring Break activities at their locations.

This breaks down to better overall management of the 2 month-long event coupled with a more strategic advertising aimed at positive Spring Break messaging. No additional monies will be allocated to marketing or advertising Spring Break (only towards advertising “Spring Break Responsibly” which should fall somewhere between $12-$15,000 in total). Basically, no MTV, no bucketloads of money to the event and much stronger police presence throughout the beach. The question remains as to whether or not this will satisfy everyone, but it is, incontestably, a very good start.

AGENDA: CVB/TDC Board Meeting – Spring 2009 Klages Report

We finally get to see the new Klages report regarding Spring 2009. This meeting will be somewhat of an appetizer for the upcoming community forum on the Spring Break topic of marketing and overall community opinion.


Bay County Tourist Development Council
Panama City Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau, Inc.
Panama City Beach
Tuesday, August 11, 2009
9:00 a.m.
Council Room, PCB City Hall



A. Invocation
B. Pledge of Allegiance
C. Approve Minutes From July 8, 2009, and July 14, 2009


IV. UPDATE ON BED TAX COLLECTIONS, Ms. Charlene Honnen, Tourist Development Tax Specialist


A. Spring 2009 Visitor Profile, Dr. Walter Klages, The Klages Group


A. Discuss and Consider for Approval CVB/TDC Financial Statements Dated May 31, 2009, and June 30, 2009, Mr. Dan Rowe, President

B. Discuss and Consider for Approval Coastal Planning & Engineering Invoice #90732, Invoice #90733, Invoice #90734, Invoice #90735, and Invoice #90748, Mr. Dan Rowe, President

C. Discuss and Consider for Approval Allocating $2,000 from the 3rd Cent Trust Fund to Florida Beaches and Shores Preservation Association for the Purpose of Filing an Amicus Brief in the U.S. Supreme Court Case of “Stop the Beach Renourishment v. Florida Department of Environmental Protection and Walton County/City of Destin,” Mr. Doug Sale, Legal Counsel


A. Update on Marketing Activities, Ms. Susan Estler, VP of Marketing





To download the Agenda please click here.

5 things to Expect (& Not Expect) at the Spring Break Community Forum

As you may know, on August 19th the TDC and CVB will have a community forum to discuss Panama City Beach Spring Break and whether or not marketing funds should be allocated to bolster the annual raucous event. Now, no doubt some of you are rolling your eyes, others are chomping at the bit to bequeath their 2 cents, but after reading many of the comments left after my recent post, I thought it might be a good idea to preface the forum with some possible expectations. The Spring Break topic is the single most polarizing concern on the minds of residents and business owners and often conversations on the topic kindle contentious emotions. To date, all conversations have ended in dialectal stalemates. And it should be noted, the purpose of the forum isn’t to promote or to undermine any particular argument, but is an attempt to find a middle ground in all this. So, what should we expect?

Civility (Hopefully):

Spring break makes people act crazy…and that’s not just the kiddies coming down for college. Residents get crazy just talking about how breakers destroy everything in their wake. The emotions are so deep-seeded on that topic, that simple conversations can become very, very contentious. It is important that the topic be seen from both sides. Yes, business owners make lots of money and yes, residents are uncomfortable in their own homes. Both perspectives are valid. But losing your cool in a public forum won’t solve any problems. So keep it cool and civil.

Long-Winded Comments:

No time limits or rules of order will keep people from squeezing every last drop out of their point. But those of you who plan to unleash their carefully written dissertation on why spring break is demonic or why we need spring break economically, trust me, mostly it’s been heard before. The focus of the forum should not be on your spring break experience, good or bad, but on trying to inch our way towards the middle of the road.

Passionate Arguments:

I am a huge proponent of individuals being passionate about something. And, to some degree, public forums are supposed to encourage how people truly feel about a topic. These ideals, on which you passionately stand, will on some occasions become full-blown arguments. This is to be expected. It is important, however, that we try to be respectful. If someone breaks down into tears while speaking their view, see it for what it’s worth. I’ve personally witnessed this happen and several audience members rolled their eyes in disdain. This is a topic people do feel very passionate about and as inclusive members in the “community” forum, we should be respectful.

Don’t Expect Answers:

This forum is not meant to stamp out any and all inquiries with answers. In fact, it is the opposite of a Q and A. This forum is for local businessmen and women, residents and even some vacationers to voice their opinion to our governing body. It is a place to speak and to listen. Don’t expect to leave knowing one way or another how everything will turn out because in the end there will not be a spring break final solution. It is more likely you’ll leave with more questions than answers.

Don’t Expect The End of Spring Break:

No matter if every single person in the forum is against spring break, the truth of the matter is, spring break won’t end tomorrow. In fact, spring break won’t ever “end” because as long as Panama City Beach exists the breakers will come. No matter how you dress it up, no matter how you tone it down, we all must understand that putting money into spring break or putting money into a campaign to eradicate it won’t change it much either way. Consider spring break the vacation roach, if you will. It will keep coming back, be it with college kids, families or something different entirely, we just have to figure out a way to live with it the best way we can.

The community forum will be held Wednesday August 19th at City Hall.