TDC/CVB Meeting- 2011 Marketing Plans

TDC/CVB Feb 8 meeting offered an in-depth look into the 2011 marketing strategies as well as an opportunity to check out the newest TV Commercials.

The Real. Fun. Beach commercials were created to hit specific markets and have two versions in rotation, aimed at targeting Couples and Families.

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The 2011 Summer marketing strategy is slated to begin televised promotions in mid-April, and running through July.

The interrupted headline campaign, Real. Fun. Beach. will be resurrected through out this duration with a conscious effort being made to maintain continuity between print, television and online media outlets.

The Real. Fun. Beach. tag line will feature family fun at the beach and a second that features couples and other adults having year-round fun

The Real. Fun. Beach TV commercials will target Atlanta, Baltimore and Birmingham, with some overlap occurring in cities where Southwest Airlines ad campaigns are being televised as well.  Cooperative marketing with Southwest through out April, June and August will focus efforts to promote Panama City Beach in new markets now being serviced by the airline.

Overall goal is to reclaim our title as the “World’s Most Beautiful Beaches” and leave the mayhem from the past year behind us, once and for all.  The focus is on interactive media with an emphasis on driving people to their website, but general marketing strategies include specific media placements aimed to hit a variety of markets, during corresponding peak times.

50% of the media budget has been allocated for Broadcast, TV, Radio, VOD, Check-out  and more, with 20% going towards online (website, online display etc.)

2 thoughts on “TDC/CVB Meeting- 2011 Marketing Plans

  1. Marketing should continue as always for PCB…… empathizing the
    “World’s Most Beautiful Beaches” as it is and has always been! No mention this year of that dreaded accident of last year, that is in the “past” and needs to be kept there!
    With me living very close to Nashville Tn. you may think I know nothing of your city & economic views but, I keep up very steady….. I foresee a great season for tourist to visit PCB. I have already made my reservations and from the owners I have written to seems they are all being overwhelmed with calls and emails for their rental units. So, I’d say this was exceptional news for all concerned. I have seen several flight adds in magazines and on the news about the new airport and how convenient it is to fly. The only problem I am finding here is that when you fly into PCB you have to have a rental car…. the rates are so high that if you stay a week Sat. to Sat. you are spending way more than your flight & sometimes almost as much as a condo rental for the week. I wish my family could enjoy flying down but, if these rates for rental cars do not go down or unless someone comes up with a helpful bargain for people who fly, I guess we will be driving our own vehicle.
    You know sometimes just plain old word of mouth travels faster than the best advertisement!
    Good Luck this year!
    As always, in my own opinion………..


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