Publix Construction Update on Back Beach Road

15 acres of chopping, grubbing, clearing and sweat, Frank and Terry are just trying to stay cool. It isn’t working.

“All that black fencing? I put it all up by hand”, Frank said. “There wasn’t a machine to help.”

It all seems to be happening so fast, but then again, Pier Park was the same way. One year it was a huge dirt field, the next year it was a thriving mall with a constant flow of activity pumping through its retailers.

It has only been a couple of weeks since it was a forest of pine trees. By now, the pine trees have fulfilled their other purpose in life.

Frank and Terry are making way for the new Publix, at the corner of Back Beach Road and Beckrich. What’s that you say? There is already a Publix right down the road? They’re moving it. They are trading the old 45,000 square foot model for a new and improved deluxe 54,000 square feet model with an Office Depot in tow. You heard me, an Office Depot, sweet.

Why are they moving it? I haven’t actually heard from St. Joe, but a commenter on pcbdaily mentioned that St. Joe always likes to have a quality grocer at the entrance of their subdivisions. With the new Breakfast Point subdivision on the books, this makes sense. Look to Walton County, and expect the same quality and architecture. Cool, very cool.

Our area is growing, fast. “The commercial is catching up with the residential explosion we saw in the last few years”, a local agent said. “In a few short years, Back Beach Road will be full of shops, restaurants, and tons of other stuff.”

I still haven’t figured out what they are going to do with the empty shopping center on Middle Beach Road, but the Publix employees are excited about the move. Not only will they have new equipment, but a larger store and a new look.

2 thoughts on “Publix Construction Update on Back Beach Road

  1. My brick crew told me they were fixing to start a Books a million in 2 weeks on the beach. They werent for sure where it would be located and I havent talked to their boss to find out. I figured it might be going in at the Breakfast Point location but thats just speculation. Ive also heard that Michaels in town was relocating to the beach and a new Kohls would be built too.


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