Publix All Set to Open, Beckrich, er R Jackson Looking Good

The new Publix is all set to go and scheduled to open on May 20 in Panama City Beach.  Replacing the current location at the intersection of Middle Beach Road (Hutchison Blvd) and R Jackson Blvd (formerly Beckrich), the new Publix will be around 5,000 square feet larger ringing in at around 54,000 square feet.

I got a sneak peak inside yesterday and all the shelving is up and much of the store is stocked and ready to go.  “The shelved merchandise from the old store will go to other stores, it won’t come here,” said Tom Screws, the General Manager.

Along with the opening of Publix, will come a Dunkin Donuts and an Office Depot, although there is more specific news on the Office Depot in the video.  I will say I was a little disappointed.

In addition, the completed CRA on R Jackson Blvd (formerly known as Beckrich Road) is looking good.  The widening and overall beautifucation is a refreshing example of what all of our major traffic corridors will look like in due time.  I, as well as most of you, anxiously await the day when the rest of the CRA is complete.  I just hope they don’t rename every street that is redone.

I do have one question for city officials.  What is the maintenance program set in place for all the beautiful landscaping that was put in on Beckrich Road?  There are TONS of weeds coming up in the median and it will not take long for it to look taken over and very unkept.

New Publix, Office Depot, Dunkin Donuts almost ready


Only months away from opening, the new Publix, Office Depot, Dunkin Donuts and other soon to be announced businesses at the intersection of Beckrich and Back Beach Road are nearing completion more every day.  Scheduled to open late spring, the front of the main building structures are almost done and looking nice.

The curb work is in and the ground prepped for paving, which should happen in the next couple of weeks.

Publix on Back Beach Construction Update

012809_dunkin_2Holy Smokes, they seem to be flying over there.  Everytime I drive by it seems like they’ve made huge milestones in the development.  They are set to complete the project by April, so they are on the last few months until completion.  In the same plaza will be a much needed Office Depot and much desired Dunkin Donuts.

Hopefully they’ll come in with $4/dozen prices like they have in Texas and help drive down the competition.  $7.50 a dozen is crazy talk!


New Corner Decoration installed at Beckrich and Back Beach Road


This past week the newest addition to the intersection of Back Beach and Beckrich Roads was complete.  Part of the beautification and roadway marker efforts are to install these consistent corner decoration assemblies at major intersections on Back Beach Road.

The intersection of Beckrich and Back Beach Road is home to Home Depot, Chick Fil-A, and a million new banks and the future home of Publix, Office Depot and Dunkin Donuts, yay!

012809_beckrich_2Cadi-corner to this an exact replica had been installed since the development of the business park adjoining to the Sprint/Nextel call center.  The facade is beautiful and pleasing to look at.

Beckrich Road CRA Update

I know what you are thinking – what’s this rubbish.  Why is jason posting pictures of plantlife, is he going all botanical and what-not?  This my friend is a picture of the new shrubbery planted in the median of Beckrich Road.  That’s right, they have plantlife in the median.  Panama City Beach is moving on up in this world.

Started in September 2007, the Beckrich Road portion of the CRA is coming closer to completion each day.  On schedule to be done by May, landscaping is being installed and final measures are taking place on the original, yet newly rehashed side of the road.

The final product will be four lanes of landscaped, medianed, sidewalked, street lamped roadway extending from Back Beach Road to Front Beach Road going through the intersection of Middle Beach Road or Hutchison Boulevard.  All existing underground utilities were replaced and all electrical utilities were moved underground.

The east side of the stretch of Beckrich south of Middle Beach Road is dirt right now with preparations being made for paving.

This is what we can expect all of the main travel coridors of Panama City Beach to look like.  All along Front Beach Road, the power and phone lines will be moved underground, the street will be widened and sidewalks and landscaping will be installed along the sides.

Publix Construction Update on Back Beach Road

15 acres of chopping, grubbing, clearing and sweat, Frank and Terry are just trying to stay cool. It isn’t working.

“All that black fencing? I put it all up by hand”, Frank said. “There wasn’t a machine to help.”

It all seems to be happening so fast, but then again, Pier Park was the same way. One year it was a huge dirt field, the next year it was a thriving mall with a constant flow of activity pumping through its retailers.

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Beckrich Road CRA – New Side Paved!

The Beckrich Road portion of the CRA is making huge strides in progress. The new side was paved this week and curb work was installed. I think we’ll be driving on it in the next couple of weeks as they redo the old side.

The groundbreaking for the Beckrich Road portion of the Front Beach Road CRA in Panama City Beach was on September 4th, 2007. Total construction time is expected to be less than 24 months. The cost of construction is around $10 million and includes Beckrich Road from Back Beach Road to Front Beach Road.

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