Publix All Set to Open, Beckrich, er R Jackson Looking Good

The new Publix is all set to go and scheduled to open on May 20 in Panama City Beach.  Replacing the current location at the intersection of Middle Beach Road (Hutchison Blvd) and R Jackson Blvd (formerly Beckrich), the new Publix will be around 5,000 square feet larger ringing in at around 54,000 square feet.

I got a sneak peak inside yesterday and all the shelving is up and much of the store is stocked and ready to go.  “The shelved merchandise from the old store will go to other stores, it won’t come here,” said Tom Screws, the General Manager.

Along with the opening of Publix, will come a Dunkin Donuts and an Office Depot, although there is more specific news on the Office Depot in the video.  I will say I was a little disappointed.

In addition, the completed CRA on R Jackson Blvd (formerly known as Beckrich Road) is looking good.  The widening and overall beautifucation is a refreshing example of what all of our major traffic corridors will look like in due time.  I, as well as most of you, anxiously await the day when the rest of the CRA is complete.  I just hope they don’t rename every street that is redone.

I do have one question for city officials.  What is the maintenance program set in place for all the beautiful landscaping that was put in on Beckrich Road?  There are TONS of weeds coming up in the median and it will not take long for it to look taken over and very unkept.

12 thoughts on “Publix All Set to Open, Beckrich, er R Jackson Looking Good

  1. First or second week of June, David. That’s the last I heard. If I bump into the owners at the next ball game, I’ll see if I can get a firm date.


  2. Maintenance? This is Bay county, we don’t plan for maintenance.

    I give you “Panama City Beach Parkway” Parkway? I don’t think so.

    What about the landscaping around our flyover? Beautiful.

    Check out all the dead palm trees on the east side of the bridge (west of the college).

    We don’t have a good track record…..


  3. I just cannot understand all the money that went into planting sod and plants on Jackson Rd and also all along Thomas Dr and then not water at all. Just drive along and watch it all dying. It is such a waste of labor and tax payers money.


  4. Ummm, yesterday I saw them actually taking down the Office Depot sign while running to grab a bite to eat. By the time I was done eating there was an “office space available” banner in place of the Office Depot sign. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but would it be safe to assume that Office Depot has withdrawn from the shopping center??? I know this article was mainly about Publix, but since you mentioned Office Depot in the video (and the late opening date), I thought I would ask….


  5. Jake, what’s dissappointing about your comment is that it may have some truth to it. I was told the other day that they are not opening any new stores until 2010 which tells me that they don’t know what they are doing right now.


  6. Ha! Ha! I may not have a beach, but I’ve got my Office Depot up here in Mississippi!! A little sarcasm there guys. Me thinks you worry and fret about the wrong things. There’s only one beach and a gazillion office supply places. Let’s see….20 minute drive to Office Depot, 5 minute drive to beach OR 6 minute drive to Office Depot and 6 1/2 hour drive to the beach……..weigh,weigh measure, measure………Darn!! I can’t decide……


  7. Ron, it is not necessarily the proximity to Office Depot that I was looking forward to – rather the opening of another new business here on the beach. I can’t speak for anyone else, but due to the nature of my business, I run to town every day or so and therefore the Office Depot on 23rd street is fine for me – not to mention that Office Depot offers free delivery… so it is not the lack of convenience that disappoints me. My concern is that if they pull out of the shopping center, then other small business might not be interested in leasing adjacent retail space due to losing possible foot traffic that a large anchor store such as Office Depot would provide. Please don’t think that I am not happy about living so close to the beach, as I have relatives/friends in Atlanta that remind me on a daily basis how fortunate I am to live here. BUT, for the real estate market/economy in this area, new business that cater to year round and permanent residents (not simply spring breakers and snow birds) are be vital to the future and success of our area.


  8. Jake, I would argue that opening another business for the sake of opening another business, especially if the same business exists in a reasonable distance, is not necessarily good. Starbucks, GM and Chrysler come immediately to mind. Market saturation is and has been the death of many businesses. For dollars to come to the Office Depot on the beach, there has to be dollars flow from somewhere else. This follows a theory that at any given time in any given area, there only “x” amount of dollars. This becomes especially true in a depressed economy. While some businesses, such as big box, grocery and drug, by their nature are less prone to this phenomenon, others such as restaurants, theaters, entertainment and lodging are vulnerable both internally and externally. So again, I think you worry and fret about the wrong things. Make the surroundings attractive to the masses and the supply/demand principle will apply itself. Office Depot didn’t possibly decide not to open because of the location, but probably because their economic analysis dictated as such.


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