Publix on Back Beach Construction Update

012809_dunkin_2Holy Smokes, they seem to be flying over there.  Everytime I drive by it seems like they’ve made huge milestones in the development.  They are set to complete the project by April, so they are on the last few months until completion.  In the same plaza will be a much needed Office Depot and much desired Dunkin Donuts.

Hopefully they’ll come in with $4/dozen prices like they have in Texas and help drive down the competition.  $7.50 a dozen is crazy talk!


8 thoughts on “Publix on Back Beach Construction Update

  1. So you are saying that It is going to look a whole lot different than than the blocks in October when I was last down….Geesh I miss the beach!!!!! Hurry up warm weather!!!


  2. I assume that Publix has some rational reason for the change, it just isn’t apparant to us normal people.

    I shop at the ‘old’ store and it is/was just fine. I would think that in this down economy such a major move would not be real smart.


  3. IIRC it is going to be like so many square foot bigger. There may be more to the old store than is visible to the naked eye. If they were going to have to replace alot of freezers etc or if the building is needing to be remodeled it may just be cheaper to rebuild. It seems that the middle beach location is closer to codos but maybe they are hoping to pick up traffic off of back beach. I dunno but I am sure that it was justified somehow….


  4. FYI…the Dunkin Donuts in Dothan opened today so anyone who needs a fix before the new one in PC opens can stop in before you go to/after you leave PC. It is on 231 right where you turn on to the Circle (Heading north from PC) in the Winn Dixie Parking lot. If anyone is heading north/south thought you might want to know. LOL.


  5. $7.99 doz….$4.99 half doz…Thats if you can get em. We went in tonight and they were out of ALL DONUTS….they did have donut holes and muffins but they said they could not keep up with donuts it had been so busy. I did get a cup of $0.49 coffee that they had on special for the opening. I have the feeling that the DD on Back Beach will have the same type problems keeping up, especially during spring break and summer seasons. Hopefully they can get the kinks worked out


  6. I know…I was kind of like WHAT? I saw what you posted about them being $4.99 in texas and I walked in and saw $4.99 on the menu……….just for a half dozen… 😦


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