Travel News, by Debi Knight – Travel Trends and Predictions 09-10

Debi Knight, President
Panama City Beach Tourism Services

In the last four months, I have had the opportunity to meet hundreds of businesses, tour operators and multiple suppliers like myself in the travel/tourism industry. I have also been fortunate to attend numerous seminars on Green Travel, Packaging your Destination and Customer Service. I have 26 years in the tourism industry and it is amazing how much more you learn every day.

I would like to share some insights, facts, travel trends and predictions for 2009-10 year.

  • 78 million baby boomers will turn 65 over the next six years
  • 64% of leisure travelers make their decision two weeks out
  • 16% of leisure travelers make their decision in 48 hours
  • 74% of American’s said “Experience is more important than Glitz and Glamour” while on a trip
  • In today’s economy – people are looking for “Unique” and “Easy”
  • 47% of people that want “Green Travel”, stated they also spend more for green products
  • Online booking will be up 10% for 2009
  • Hotels are doing 50% of their booking online right now
  • 75% of people who book online – book through the brand
  • 10% of people that go to a website are just looking for phone numbers and details
  • 80% of people will go to an organic site compared to a sponsored link
  • Blogs have become very popular with businesses promoting their product
  • Girlfriend Getaways – research in 2008 reported – 50% of women took a Girlfriend Getaway, 2009 will jump to 90%
  • 75% of American’s “Travel to Party” – weddings, party bus, go crazy, reunions, etc.
  • Wedding Tourism – 18% of all weddings are outside of the bride and grooms home/area
  • Average wedding today cost $30,000
  • 81% of Americans pick their destination and property by photos – they will pick pictures over price
  • Eco Tours are more popular than ever

Debi Knight’s Company promotes the destination by attending Travel Trade Shows around the country, meeting with Tour Operators, Senior Group Travel, Student Youth Travel, Bank Group Travel, FIT and other associations. Her Company organizes Day Trips, Itineraries and Packages from St. George Island, Apalachicola and Tallahassee, Fl, all the way to gaming for the day in Biloxi, Ms. For more information regarding Travel Packages, Eco Tours, Area Events, Dining, Shopping, Attractions, Golf, Weddings and more visit

One thought on “Travel News, by Debi Knight – Travel Trends and Predictions 09-10

  1. I believe she meant 7.8 million turn 65, because if 78 million baby boomers turned 65 that would be 25% of the total population. Maybe 78 million are 65+?


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