Beckrich Road CRA Update

I know what you are thinking – what’s this rubbish.  Why is jason posting pictures of plantlife, is he going all botanical and what-not?  This my friend is a picture of the new shrubbery planted in the median of Beckrich Road.  That’s right, they have plantlife in the median.  Panama City Beach is moving on up in this world.

Started in September 2007, the Beckrich Road portion of the CRA is coming closer to completion each day.  On schedule to be done by May, landscaping is being installed and final measures are taking place on the original, yet newly rehashed side of the road.

The final product will be four lanes of landscaped, medianed, sidewalked, street lamped roadway extending from Back Beach Road to Front Beach Road going through the intersection of Middle Beach Road or Hutchison Boulevard.  All existing underground utilities were replaced and all electrical utilities were moved underground.

The east side of the stretch of Beckrich south of Middle Beach Road is dirt right now with preparations being made for paving.

This is what we can expect all of the main travel coridors of Panama City Beach to look like.  All along Front Beach Road, the power and phone lines will be moved underground, the street will be widened and sidewalks and landscaping will be installed along the sides.

5 thoughts on “Beckrich Road CRA Update

  1. I don’t consider those pictures ‘rubbish’. For those of us who have invested in the area, these are some of the reasons. PCB needs to continue with these projects and I’m glad that your web site is a source of photos and information about the status of the projects. We don’t live in PCB but we own property and I look forward to your updates.


  2. Rubbish??? Not at all!!! For those of us who visit or have lived in other cities here in the southeast (Miami, Charlotte, Savannah, Atlanta suburbs, etc.) that have undergone similar changes – this is exciting!! Creating a look or theme to the area will do nothing but help it rebound when the market starts to turn around. Look at areas like Seaside, Rosemary, and WaterColor… although they are planned subdivisions and at a higher overall price point than Panama City Beach, their success can be mostly attributed to the aesthetics of everything from the benches, lamp posts, fences, and of course the homes. In addition, there are other areas that have undergone revitalization – and it works. Potential buyers are attracted to the area, property owners start to take more pride in their homes (either because they plan to sell or to blend with the new improvements), and property values begin benefit in the long run. It does not happen overnight – but it does happen. I am excited to see what they will do next!!!


  3. I already love the new look on Beckrich..the plantings are just beautiful. The new front beach road design will do wonders for our image also. Will the power and phone lines be buried as far down as Pier Park and past our new pier area?
    Thanks for all you do, Jason!


  4. I hope that our city/county leadership will figure out how to pay for the upkeep of all the wonderful plantings. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the improvements. It’s just that our local track record for maintaining our upgrades is not very impressive.

    We can only hope that the new landscaping will not look like the new landscaping planted around our new overpass (heading east onto the beach). South Thomas Drive and Back Beach Rd. are other examples of how we can update but have a tough time maintaining our improvements.


  5. The design of Beckrich is great, however, the execution and schedule is way off target —- Time is money and we need better implementation based on the timeframe, or it will cost us a fortune !!


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