Half Marathon at Pier Park on Panama City Beach

Okay what is the goofy picture about? According to Karen all you need to do a half marathon is your cute little shoes and your nano and it helps to have a running partner. I guess you could do it without the nano with all your fun music but I would not try it.

I am so excited to let all my buds know that there is going to be a 1/2 marathon in Pier Park. Now all of us runners and wanna be runners (ie me) will not have to wait until the Seaside 1/2.

I spoke to Tricia Mayo at Girls inc and she gave me the low down

You must register at active.com which I supplied to you in the previous blog and your contact to be a volunteer is Tricia at 769-6703. The event is going to benefit Girls Inc and how exciting that we are bringing something so wonderful to our community of runners.

I would really love to hear from you and your running adventures. As for Kriss and I we are doing the Jeff Galloway run walk method which I have used in for sometime now. What is amazing about this method is how fast you can run a race ( now that would not be me… but other people run fast) It is also a great way to exercise without hurting yourself.

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