Whining is not a good exercise!!!

Those of you who know me will find it hard to believe that I have allowed myself to get in this condition. Running and working out has always been an important part of my life. Running was quite spiritual to me and allowed me to pray and be thankful for so much.  Quite a departure from the norm, I stopped exercising and stopped paying attention to nutrition.  I think that I forgot that whining and moaning about my weight and my physical condition does not change anything.  In fact it does not only keep change at bay it allows for negative outcomes.

Thankfully a few days ago I had the good sense to call a friend and admit that unless I met someone or was accountable I was going to keep on hitting that snooze button. My opportunity clock has been blaring and I have ignored it.  The fact that I have become a larger version of myself has not been enough of a negative to change my bad behavior.  At 54 I realize that I am responsible for my health and the only way to do that is to stop whining and start working.

I decided I would very publicly announce that I am going back to basics and paying attention to what I can do to be the master of my good health and physical fitness. And in keeping with my understanding that we are what we think about and talk about I am changing my self talk to reflect that core belief.

Today Hugh and I walked on the beach in Laguna Beach and the joy of seeing those beautiful waves and feeling the breeze on my face was great encouragement today.

Each step I took I was thankful that even though I was slow I was moving forward.  With each step I took I thanked God that I still had the ability to change. With each step I thought of all of my blessings. With each step I thought of all the many people who would be so grateful to be here walking on this gorgeous shoreline.  With each step I reinforced that the movement and the motion forward will propel me to a better place physically, mentally and emotionally.

So take this walk with me and if you are reading this share with me a time when maybe you too thought that whining was an exercise.  If you are like me you found out that it does not burn calories so you might as well hit the road.  And as we journey please remember what I always say, “The only people we have to get even with are those that have helped us.”

Beaches and Bells Holiday 5K

This weekend, Panama City Beach is offering a break from the frantic shopping, menu planning and egg nog.  Saturday, December 18th,  in Pier Park (Arron Bessant Park) outdoor enthusiast will be gathering for a 5K or 1K Fun Run in hopes of raising money for the Lady Marlins and the Cops-N- Kids fund.  In the spirit of holiday giving, start dusting off those jogging shoes, slap on a Santa hat and get that body moving  for a good cause.  If you find yourself lacking motivation, think of this – it’s for the kids! If that still isn’t enough motivation for you, just think how delicious a hot toddy will taste after burning off all those calories. If charity doesn’t get your feet moving, maybe making merry with the beverages will!

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Weekend Weather – Uncommon Beauty

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What a weekend to be outdoors in Panama City Beach;  it’s really too cold to stay in Atlanta or Birmingham.  You can still wear your cozy jacket, and pick up a new pair of boots while you’re here – we really do have them – cozy and cute.  We also have unparalleled stargazing, the first ever Boat Parade on Grand Lagoon, and clear skies to enjoy the glittering white sands or all of the glittering one of a kind gift hunting here.

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Weekend Events – Thanksgiving on Panama City Beach

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A weekend to remember:  Everything from a good old-fashioned tree lighting to a moonlight -time boat parade!

Count your blessings if you’re here on Panama City Beach! You can have your Thanksgiving celebration, then relax and charge up for the upcoming holidays .  It’s always a great place to get some holiday pictures on the beach, and we’ve got some truly unique Bay County Christmas Traditions to share, like the Boat Parade of Lights! Bring a good jacket (just in case) so you won’t miss a thing!  This is your chance to enjoy the beaches at perhaps their most lovely or -do a little special shopping-it’ll be a unique time here on the world’s most beautiful beaches.

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Half Marathon at Pier Park on Panama City Beach

Okay what is the goofy picture about? According to Karen all you need to do a half marathon is your cute little shoes and your nano and it helps to have a running partner. I guess you could do it without the nano with all your fun music but I would not try it.

I am so excited to let all my buds know that there is going to be a 1/2 marathon in Pier Park. Now all of us runners and wanna be runners (ie me) will not have to wait until the Seaside 1/2.

I spoke to Tricia Mayo at Girls inc and she gave me the low down

You must register at active.com which I supplied to you in the previous blog and your contact to be a volunteer is Tricia at 769-6703. The event is going to benefit Girls Inc and how exciting that we are bringing something so wonderful to our community of runners.

I would really love to hear from you and your running adventures. As for Kriss and I we are doing the Jeff Galloway run walk method which I have used in for sometime now. What is amazing about this method is how fast you can run a race ( now that would not be me… but other people run fast) It is also a great way to exercise without hurting yourself.

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