Weekend Weather – Uncommon Beauty

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What a weekend to be outdoors in Panama City Beach;  it’s really too cold to stay in Atlanta or Birmingham.  You can still wear your cozy jacket, and pick up a new pair of boots while you’re here – we really do have them – cozy and cute.  We also have unparalleled stargazing, the first ever Boat Parade on Grand Lagoon, and clear skies to enjoy the glittering white sands or all of the glittering one of a kind gift hunting here.

Thursday night: Coming through that chilly front! Mostly sunny, with a low near 40.  Sunset is at 4:42 pm.

Friday: Sun and clouds, chance of showers, up to 68 degrees. Great day to shop, great day to relax, great day to check out the exceptional beauty of the beaches in all weather.

Friday Night: Gorgeous sunset at 4:42 pm. Orion will rise up on the eastern horizon around 8 p.m. Remember the belt-three stars. The Orion Nebula, a light patch on the lower right of the belt, is a “vast stellar nursery.” Learn more at stardate.org. Down to 42.

Saturday: The sun will rise at 6:24 – you may still see the Morning Star, the planet Venus in the southeast if  you get up for the Run for the Redfish at Pier Park.  It got down in the forties early this morning, so wear a warm-y top you can peel off if you need to. There may be a breeze- an ear protecting headband may keep your mind on your beautiful run.  Sunny with a little freshness in the air-high about 68. You’ll notice how silvery the beach looks right now-like it’s getting ready for Christmas.

Saturday Night: Sunset at 4:42 just in time for the Grand Lagoon Boat Parade!  Clear enough to see some twinkling stars and planets later. Down to about 48 or so here on the coast.

Sunday: Sunny, a few clouds, up to about 72. Refreshing.

Sunday Night: Sun setting at 4:42 pm -low should be around 48.

The air and water is so clear right now. There’s so much to see here – check out St. Andrew’s State Park for a showcase of natural beauty. Aaron Bessant Park at Pier Park has a nature trail where you can see low coastal hammock and the wildlife that lives here. Tiptoe, and take a camera!

The Gulf is still full of fish, there is surf fishing and folks are seeing Kings, Sheepshead, Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, Blue runners, Cobia, Pompano, Tarpon, Jacks, shark and more.

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