Weekend Weather- Good Lookin’

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Head for the parks, the beaches or someone’s inflatable pool this weekend because the temps are heating up and the skies are begging you to get out of the house.

If you don’t have a legitimate reason to leave the house, make one up. Practice the fine art of Garden Gnome Liberation (preferably not your neighbors please), pretend to get lost en route to the Grocery store, or simply do what my Mom used to do to me as a kid. Offer up two options and let the family decide. My Mom’s tactic was “Play outside or Take out the trash” and with that, off to the great outdoors we went!


Weather For March 23-27

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Weekend Weather- Some Rain, Mostly Sun!

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The temperatures have been steadily climbing, and people have been creeping out from their winter doldrums, right and left.

It’s funny how most of the nation relies on a groundhog to tell them that spring is around the corner, where as, us beach folks utilize a slightly different approach.

For me, my spidey-senses start tingling with the incessant urge to go bathing suit shopping, while my Husband can sense spring is in the air by a sudden, overwhelming desire to buy a boat.

Regardless of what sign you’re own family uses as the Ear-Mark Of Spring, we can rest assured that we’ve got plenty of good-looking days ahead of us.

Granted, to keep us humble, the Skies tossed in some clouds and a few rainstorms here and there, but we can feel good about giving kudos to Mr. Ground Hog, The Boat Sign, or The Bikini Urge for being on the money!*

Weather Below

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Weekend Weather – Sunshine & Warmth

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The clear skies and warmer weather in our future,  is sure to bring about a sudden influx in creative excuses, justifications and reasons why we simply can’t be indoors anymore.

If you find yourself running low in the creativity department, let me help. Here’s an actual excuse someone once used to call into work sick:

“One of those flying carp fish smacked me in the side of my head and now I got a ear infection.”

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Weekend Weather- Warmer Days, Chilly Nights

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Best Weather Update I’ve Ever Found:

“Today is forecast to be Much Warmer than yesterday.”

That’s an actual forecast for today’s weather  (Weds, Feb 9).  You just can’t beat that kind of direct, albeit vagueness.

In a slightly less vague statement, I’m happy to share that this weekend we should be looking at some sunny skies with temps hovering around the high 50’s to low 60’s.  We can expect cold, chilly nights to follow all that day-time sunshine.

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Weekend weather – Just right for January. Warm and sunny.

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Have you ever seen anything like this weather? Sun in an azure sky, and that Gulf!

So gorgeous!  This is what January SHOULD be. No cars frozen to the ground, no aching joints, just air and sun and freedom.
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Weekend Weather – Uncommon Beauty

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What a weekend to be outdoors in Panama City Beach;  it’s really too cold to stay in Atlanta or Birmingham.  You can still wear your cozy jacket, and pick up a new pair of boots while you’re here – we really do have them – cozy and cute.  We also have unparalleled stargazing, the first ever Boat Parade on Grand Lagoon, and clear skies to enjoy the glittering white sands or all of the glittering one of a kind gift hunting here.

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