Weekend Weather: Amazing

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The weather this weekend is the kind we dream of during those cold winter months, and sadly, I’m that “annoying” friend who calls my longtime girlfriends up North and rubs it in.

I’m not proud, I’m just ….. enthusiastic.

Yeah, that’s it.

Weekend Weather March 17-20

Thursday, March 17: Sunny with highs around 79 and lows at about 49.


Friday, March 18: Sunny, with highs around 78 and lows around 47.


Saturday, March 19: Sunny AGAIN with highs at 78 and lows in at 49.


Sunday, March 20: Sunny and 79, with lows around 52.


Ohhhh, how hard it is to be us right now, with our sunny skies and delicious cocoa-brown tans!


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