Weekend Weather- A Little Cooler

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The weather looks like it’s going to be a little cooler then it has been lately, but it’s still mostly sunny and clear.


Wednesday, March 9:

Stormy. In fact, as of this moment, it looks like the Apocalypse is brewing outside. 80% chance of rain, highs around 72. Nice temperature, crummy atmosphere.


Thursday, March 10:

Sunny, with highs around 62. Lows around 38.


Friday, March 11:

Sunny with a high of 65, and lows in the 40’s.


Saturday, March 12:

Sunny with highs around 71 and lows are in the high 40’s.


Sunday, March 13:

Mostly Sunny, highs about 73 and lows sneaking in at 48.


Overall, it’s a little cooler this week, but just bring a sweater and you’ll be fine.

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