Weekend Weather- Good Lookin’

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Head for the parks, the beaches or someone’s inflatable pool this weekend because the temps are heating up and the skies are begging you to get out of the house.

If you don’t have a legitimate reason to leave the house, make one up. Practice the fine art of Garden Gnome Liberation (preferably not your neighbors please), pretend to get lost en route to the Grocery store, or simply do what my Mom used to do to me as a kid. Offer up two options and let the family decide. My Mom’s tactic was “Play outside or Take out the trash” and with that, off to the great outdoors we went!


Weather For March 23-27

Wednesday, March 23: Partly Cloudy, highs hovering at 79. Lows around 59.  Looks like the weather is having an issue committing to round numbers.


Thursday, March 24: Partly Cloudy, highs around 80. Lows drop to about 47. Well, guess the weather sorted out some issues.


Friday, March 25: Hello Sunshine! Sunny, highs about 78, and look for lows around 58.


Saturday, March 26: Partly Cloudy, highs back to 79, with lows in at 60.


Sunday, March 27: Isolated Thunderstorms, highs about 79. Lows in the mid-50’s.


*Since Monday breaks the 80 degree mark, here’s a bonus weather round (waiittt for it)

Monday, March 28: Some showers, precipitation only around 30%. Highs about 81, lows again in the mid-50’s.


TA-DA! Our big finale, ladies and gentleman! 81 Degrees! Time to shimmy in celebration *dances off screen*


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