Guide to Local Gas Prices

As a community, we may not always agree on the same things.

However, there’s some thing in town that equally hit us all.  For example, Traffic, Real Estate, Tourism, even that smell the Paper Mill gives off.

Gas Prices-  another solid example of something we all deal with.

Granted, our daily drive is easier then commuters in other cities (ahem, Atlanta. Where a milk run to the local store can run you about 45 minutes, one way)

Yet, most of us still end up spending quite a bit of time behind the wheel and if you work in town but live on the beach, forget about it.  All that back and forth driving can really add up at the pump.

Digital Guide Below


Click to view larger image.

These gas prices are from, and are updated daily from over 100,000 stations through out the Nation. Due to the nature of fuel prices, there’s no way to guarantee correct pricing. The price may have been accurate at the time of entry, then raised/lowered with in hours. MSN has a similar guide to local gas prices, but comes with a nifty interactive map. Same disclaimer stands for MSN Gas, who obtains information through the same source utilizes.


*side note: the image isn’t the best quality, link to site has been included for better clarity

3 thoughts on “Guide to Local Gas Prices

  1. Drill baby drill! Not!

    You know I think we all remember how BP blew our area apart last year. It’s a bit to soon to forget what drilling leads to – economic and environmental disaster.

    Perhaps a personal initiative to recycle, geo thermal your homes and businesses, use the most fuel efficient vehicles, support renewable energy initiatives etc. would be a more effective way to achieve economic survival and environmental sustainability rather than digging the terrible hole we have been digging in the gulf of Mexico even deeper.


  2. Gi I agree with you 100%, but don’t confuse the self-centered, short sighted, morons with sound logic and facts.
    Want cheaper gas? Go to PC and save $5.00+ on a fill up.
    PC $3.519 $3.649 $3.899 $3.839

    PCB $3.549 $3.699 $3.799 $3.859


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