Weekend Weather- Some Rain, Mostly Sun!

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The temperatures have been steadily climbing, and people have been creeping out from their winter doldrums, right and left.

It’s funny how most of the nation relies on a groundhog to tell them that spring is around the corner, where as, us beach folks utilize a slightly different approach.

For me, my spidey-senses start tingling with the incessant urge to go bathing suit shopping, while my Husband can sense spring is in the air by a sudden, overwhelming desire to buy a boat.

Regardless of what sign you’re own family uses as the Ear-Mark Of Spring, we can rest assured that we’ve got plenty of good-looking days ahead of us.

Granted, to keep us humble, the Skies tossed in some clouds and a few rainstorms here and there, but we can feel good about giving kudos to Mr. Ground Hog, The Boat Sign, or The Bikini Urge for being on the money!*

Weather Below

Thursday, Feb 24:

Few clouds, with highs around 72 and lows in the mid 50’s

Friday, Feb 25:

Scattered thunderstorms possible. Highs in the low 70’s with lows in the upper 40’s

Saturday, Feb 26:

Moments of sun & clouds (wow, that covered a lot of ground, eh?) Highs in the low 70’s with lows hanging around the upper 40’s

Sunday, Feb 27:

Some clouds, with highs around 73 and again, lows in the upper 40’s.

Monday, Feb 28:

Chance of showers and then guess what? Highs in the low 70’s with lows in the upper 40’s.

I’m sensing a weather theme playing out here, but as long as the sun comes out to play and brings along it’s buddy, Low 70’s, it’s safe to say we’ll be smiling a collective grin.

* Possibly the cheesiest line I’ve ever written. In fact, Chester Cheeto just nodded in agreement and that’s when you know that’s some kind of cheesy.

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