Firefly Restaurant Hosts “Dinner without Devices”

Firefly Restaurant Hosts “Dinner without Devices” on March 4

Panama City Beach’s Firefly Restaurant, located in the Shoppes at Edgewater, will host “Dinner without Devices” on Friday, March 4.

On that night, restaurant guests at each table will receive a basket in which to deposit their phones, iPads, iPods, and other electronic devices so they can reconnect with family and friends without “being connected.”

Personally, I think the idea is wonderful, especially after sharing the news of this event with my Husband and the first words out of his mouth were “I’m not giving them my Phone.”

To which I naturally replied “oh yes you are Mister!”  (Then quickly flounced away in childish hopes of  getting the last word in. If I can’t hear the rebuttal, I win- right?? )

Press Release Below

With so many distractions caused by today’s portable technology, Firefly owner Dave Trepanier believes the time has come to reconnect in person.

“2010 was the year we officially stopped talking to each other. But we are going to change that—if only over a great meal at Firefly,” he says.

According to a study by market research firm the Radicati Group, Facebook is the number one application on iPhones, RIM and Android phones allowing users to constantly be connected to their social media. A survey by TripAdvisor points out that more than 62 percent of travelers check e-mail and remain connected to work while on leisure trips.

“Given the new habits we have all developed when it comes to communication, I think being disconnected from our electronics for just one meal is going to be a bigger challenge than expected,” said Trepanier.

Offering an early dining menu and full-menu dining options, plus specialty menus featuring sushi and martinis, the eatery is known for its freshly caught fish, imported exotic seafood, local produce, succulent beef and fowl, artisan pizzas, handmade pasta, and children’s menu. Family friendly and casual yet also exotic, Firefly hosted President Obama and his family during their visit to the Northwest Florida Gulf Coast last summer.

The restaurant has, in fact, received a number of awards and honors, the most recent being the Golden Spoon award.

Reservations are strongly encouraged. To reserve your table or receive more information, please call 850.249.3359 (FFLY) or visit

About Firefly Restaurant

As an alternative to the main dining room, the Firefly Bar presents all menu options plus a full selection of beer and wine, in addition to top-shelf vodkas, bourbons and rare scotch.

The Firefly Wine Lockers afford guests the privilege of choosing fine wines and storing them on-site in a private space in our cellar. The 535 Lounge is an inviting library for relaxing and socializing.

Private dining rooms are available and can accommodate parties of eight to 50. Firefly is a recipient of the 2011 Golden Spoon Award and has earned Wine Spectator Award of Excellence three times.

The restaurant’s daily specials and current events can be found online at or by calling 850.249.3359.

3 thoughts on “Firefly Restaurant Hosts “Dinner without Devices”

  1. This is an AWESOME idea. If I am out on a date with someone and they keep checking their phone or take a non-emergency call (or are texting), there is no second date.

    Don’t get me wrong: My business relies on the internet and technology. I like to stay connected. But (and this will come as a shock to many): The world will not come to a screeching halt if you go 90 minutes without checking your Facebook page. Trust me, the stuff your friends posted or chimed in about just are not life or death. It will be there later. And guess what: Unless you are the President of the United States, you are not so important that the world MUST get in touch with you at a moment’s notice.

    Plus, the entire reason you go to a nice restaurant is to concentrate on the food, atmosphere, and company you are with. Why even bother if you are going to spend half the evening distracted on your phone.


  2. It’s a nice idea & gimmick but, not many people will really give up their cell phones to be placed in a basket out of their eyesight.
    The most appropriate way to deal with cell calls when you go out to eat is simply turn your phone on vibrate or very low ringtone. Then if you must answer your phone, please be very brief about the call.
    Rude, well many people consider it is to chat on the phone while out with friends at a restaurant and unless an emergency, it really is…. I’m sorry.
    But, you see more & more of this unacceptable behavior almost everywhere you go.
    It’s like (Ted) said above: We go out to enjoy ourselves & the people we are with. Slow down and enjoy the “nice” things in your life…..
    Remember, there’s always other times to chat on the phone. Don’t make it “all” of your life.
    Always in my opinion…….


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