3 NEW Attractions Come to Miracle Strip in Pier Park

It all started with wanting to put a carousel in Pier Park.

Jenny and Teddy Meeks started their search a couple years ago wanting to erect a carousel in Pier Park.  Their search led them far and wide, through ride brokers and agents leading them, eventually, to the perfect candidate.  After numerous road trips, confusing emails and phone calls, they finally found the location of this perfect carousel they’d only seen in pictures.  It was in storage right here, in Panama City Beach, at Miracle Strip Amusement Park.

This ride opened with tons of fanfare and excitement just a couple short years ago.  Popularity grew quickly and their Facebook page’s fan number skyrocketed.  They knew immediately that their next logical step was to resurrect more rides from this place of childhood memories.

Moved locations and added rides.

The original carousel was located across the street from where it is now, next to the bungee bounce area.  When they started planning expansion, they moved to a larger area that could accompany more rides.  Today, as it stands, there are four operational rides: the Carousel, the Balloon Racer, Red Baron plane ride and a Ferris Wheel – the first three being original rides from Miracle Strip.  They also built a pavilion, which has been transformed into a butterfly wonderland.

Three new attractions opening March 1.

Over the last couple months, the Meeks have been acquiring, restoring and assembling two new rides and outfitting the newly built pavilion to offer three entirely new attractions in Miracle Strip in Pier Park.  The new attractions are:

  • 1975 Eli Bridge Scrambler
  • 1991 Seiner Tilt-a-Whirl
  • Butterfly Pavilion – over 500 butterflies


Each ride costs one ticket per rider to ride.

  • Single tickets are $3.75
  • One ticket book is $29 – 10 tickets
  • All day pass is $18 (includes Butterfly Pavilion)
  • Annual pass is $99 (includes buddy riding)

For more information, visit their website or Facebook page.

View the Flickr Photo Set.

20 thoughts on “3 NEW Attractions Come to Miracle Strip in Pier Park

  1. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the rides, but before long it will cost more than $5 for one ride for one person. You once were able to ride just the Merry-Go-Round for $5 for the whole day. Those of us that live here don’t want to break the piggy bank every time we go to Pier Park!


  2. there website has the all day pass on sale this year for just $89 PLUS you get a buddy pass for free. Sounds like the perfect idea for locals.


  3. That’s understandable, but you have to understand too that in order to expand and offer more attractions, the prices are going to go up. In the end, the one-ride tickets will always be stupid expensive so hopefully you’ll buy the $18 one-day pass. That’s just marketing 😉


  4. There aren’t yet enough rides to make the yearly pass pay for itself. However, add in a roller coaster and something else just as heartpounding, and you’ve got a bargain. If you are like me, I can ride a roller coaster all day.


  5. Already have my annual pass for 2011! It is so worth 89.00 even if we only ride the carousel. The buddy pass is great me as a Grandparent…My one year old won’t get off the horses until the sun goes down…so we are excited as locals to have this!! Thanks


  6. A weekly ( 5 days) all day pass would be good for visitors, if the price is right. $30.00 would be reasonable. We did not take our young children to The Miracle Strip for our once a year beach trip because we did not want to spend a whole day away from the sand and surf that we came to enjoy. We had amusement parks near home anyway. But with a weekly pass, you could spend several hours for a few days a week. We now own our beach condo and we’ll be there more often. No grandchildren yet, but will be bringing several nieces & nephews. And of course passing on the news of your amusement to other family members who will be coming with their own children. Keep prices reasonable, please.


  7. Please paint these rides the same color scheme as Pier Park instead of the existing Romper Room primary colors. I thought PCB was trying to move away from the hideous and tacky. Painted the way they are, it’s like buying a house with lovely architecture and then putting an old Impala sedan on blocks in the front yard.

    Concerning the price complaints, the owners have to charge what it takes to pay the many expenses, maintain the rides, and make a profit. If you value the rides, you will prioritize and spend less on other things to afford the price of admission.


    1. Believe it or not, we are marketing to kids (thus the Romper Room colors) These colors were mandated by the President of Simon’s Lifestyle Center division and their architects (he also did the conceptual on Pier Park). Seafoam Green, Corel and Aqua might appeal to a 40 something from 30A, but don’t have an once of impact on a 4 year old wanting to ride the carousel.

      Teddy Meeks
      Miracle Strip @ Pier Park


  8. For families that just have one night to bring the kids to ride on some rides, $3.75 is pretty pricey especially if they are small and need an adult with them. Most young families can’t afford that. A one evening family ride package should be available.


  9. Looking at the pictures, I can’t figure out exactly where the rides have been relocated. It almost looks like the rides have been pushed further back into Pier Park and out of the way. I kind of liked that the rides were in the middle of the park at the beginning. You could get on the ferris wheel and actually see the beach from the top.


  10. Ok…… here goes,
    I’m sure I’m not the only one who is thinking this (please tell me if I am) but, when Pier Park was constructed I really looked forward coming there to shop in all the little quaint ritzy boutique type shops, these were shops that on vacation women just luv luv luv to visit and make special purchases at.
    Believe me I fully understand that some of us still have our small children and amusements are greatly needed for them but……. why in Pier Park?
    When I was a young girl I remember my parents taking me to the Miracle Strip Amusement Park, I probably rode some of these rides then.
    Now I have nothing against these but, it just seems to me that the owners are trying to converge two way different things here.
    We were at Pier Park in October 2010 & it was very crowded…….. I hate to think what this narrow street shop lined park will look like when this operation phase gets into full swing. Actually, I do love to go there…. it has beautiful eye catching appeal & always clean, the shops are wonderful & unique and the workers are very friendly & helpful…… just hope it can remain this way. Just seems to me a childlike amusement park could have been located all together instead of crowding it between shops and mall like surroundings. It will be “amusing” to see what the future holds for this type of venture. Best of Luck!
    As always in my opinion……


    1. Cathy, opinions are like belly-buttons…everyone has one! My wife and I have invested our life savings in making MS@PP a reality, not to mention the blood, sweat and tears it took to get the place built and operational. 99.9% of the response has been extremely positive, then along comes comments like yours and PCB Citizen’s above. We exceeded our sales projections for 2010, even with the oil spill. Pier Park management couldn’t be more happy with our sales results and how our site looks.

      How about just observing your own advise, if you don’t have something positive and uplifting to say… just keep you mouth shut! This is our livinglyhood and we take it very seriously. While we are in the amusement business… there was/is nothing “amusing” about your comments.

      Teddy Meeks
      Miracle Strip @ Pier Park


      1. Mr. Meeks,

        When I first read your comments in response to Cathy’s thoughts / opinion I thought to myself that this looks like another comment troll looking to start something in comments like they do everywhere else online. I got to the bottom and realized the business owner had posted this comment.

        Everyone is entitled to their opinions and as a business owner you know better than to post something so hateful and rude anyone let alone one of your actual customers!

        There will always be people who disagree with you or what you are doing. If you had any sense you would have realized there are many different ways you could have repsonded to these folks. The best choice is to follow your own advice and to keep your own mouth shut.

        You exceeded your sales projections, great. So if someone here disagrees with your pricing or your location, or even your choice of paint colors for the rides who cares. They are opinions and they have the right to voice those as well as any concerns they have.

        I think you should apologize for your rude remarks on here and realize that you are a buisness owner and you should hold yourself to a higher standard. You continue to talk down to people in the way you did on this site and you may find yourself short on customers to support your business one day. I cannot trust or respect any business owner that will react this harshly to a few commenters that are giving a little constructive criticism.

        We have been coming to PCB for a while now and my kids enjoyed your rides since you started however if I see more nasty comments like the one above we will not return.


      2. Brian, thank you for such a nice response to Mr. Meeks harsh reply.
        You know, I recently visited PCB & took my grandsons to Pier Park to experience the new rides there in the park. They not only enjoyed them but I as their grand mother enjoyed seeing them and the other kids have such a wonderful time.
        I set here at my desk/working and thought I need to go back & post a change of opinion to what I had written a few months back. I was then set-back & horrified at the reply I found posted to my comment concerning this park. Usually if you read a post & it sounds angry the person who writes it is just that…. angry.
        For the life of me I cannot see why this “business owner” is so upset at what I posted. I believe if I had read this before my family vacation to PCB this June 2011 I would have stayed away from Pier Park & the kiddy section with my grandsons……. But, that would not have been fair to them.
        It is so unfortunate that some people cannot accept constructive opinions or criticism much less compliments. I believe my post covered just that. It is unfortunate that this gentleman cannot see past his anger.
        Thank you again & Mr. Meeks if you read this I hope for your sake you have calmed down and taken some of this fine man’s advise…… YOU certainly need to!
        As always,


    2. have you thought for once that it is about family and not just about old crabs. my kids for one love the rides. it adds character to peir park


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