2011 Tourism Predictions- Staffing Spree

This is the third article in a series that explores 2011 Tourism Predictions for Panama City Beach.

“If you market it, you must be prepared to staff it”

This is a *statement liberated from Socrates’s, um- well, his lesser known cousin, ahem, **Heraclitus.

However, let’s not quarrel over the origins of the statement, and opt to simply take into consideration it’s message.

We’ve been marketing, promoting, negotiating and canoodling with every possible venue, avenue, social site and persons, to spread the good word.

The word being that Spring Break & the Summer Season of 2011, is bigger and now-with-more-sparkles, then this past year of troubled times. The campaign has been proving it’s success through various ways of tracking, and along with the success of inviting the masses into our community, we’ve properly followed through by reaching out to the employable community to help handle the welcomed influx.

Article Below

I’m sure you’ve seen the signs peppering our streets, through out the county.  I know for me, just a quick jaunt to run errands produced no less the 5 signs stating that the respective business was now hiring for the season.

As usual, this is a common occurrence during the start of our tourist season, but the volume of help that local shops are looking to bring aboard, appears to be running slightly higher then normal.

These higher numbers are due in part, to the anticipation of a stronger season then we’ve seen in the past.

In fact, you don’t even have to leave the house to find Help Wanted campaigns. Just today, there was a post on our own Facebook Page, asking for people to apply for Promotion work on the weekends.

A recent job fair offered a chance to talk with recruiters from over 50 businesses, some were seasonal jobs with Resorts or attractions like Shipwreck Island. Yet others, for example, the online travel company Bookit.com, were on hand seeking locals looking for steady work.

Other businesses, like Applebee’s on Middle Beach Rd, simply spelled out there need on the storefront sign, which read “Now Hiring For Season.”

Numerous locations seem to be following the signage route, while others have doubled their efforts by adding listings on their own websites, facebook pages or even tweeting news of openings.

For example, Coyotes, according their website, is currently holding bar-tending auditions every Weds night, for those who can “pour a drink, keep a beat and look good doing it”

This is just a small example of  hopeful indictations regarding growth and success for the coming year. With the Airport, the positive PR campaigns (sans the Seventeen Article, and a few others) as well as pictorial proof of our beaches, the possibility of this season being one for the record books, is continuing to shine bright.

* The  statement is not even close to being an ancient philosophers.

**I realize that Heraclitus holds no family ties to Socrates. I simply picked him out of the Greek Philosopher’s hat. Due only to the fact that he was known as “The Weeping Philosopher” with a reputation for harboring a pessimistic view of human nature. The irony made me smile. Upbeat Article, Debbie-Downer Philosopher= Sweet Irony.

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