Sea Urchins and Seaweed

Sea Urchins and SeaweedI happened upon this scene one day while exploring Shell Island with the kids.  Sea Urchin “shells” are the extremely fragile exoskeleton of the spiny urchins that remain after the urchin dies. These break easily with the slightest pressure.  To have so many washed up unbroken and in horizontal line was simply amazing.

Photo Description: Interwoven with seagrass, the urchins shells aligned along the bayside shore of Shell Island.

Visit my photoblog Sand between Your Toes to see more nature photos of Panama City Beach and the Emerald coast.

Teddy Meeks

One thought on “Sea Urchins and Seaweed

  1. Teddy, awesome photo! What an amazing find! While on a deserted beach in Eleuthera, Bahamas, we found a few blush pink urchins like these. Really beautiful, but not as fragile as these. They were in the water, along with many large sand dollars and sunrise tellins. Note: we do a lot of shelling, but only uninhabited shells go in the bag!


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