New Airport Terminal Ready for Construction

As reported by

Construction of the new airport remains ahead of schedule – with only 36% of the time allotted on the heavy civil construction portion of the contract used, the project is currently 46% complete.

Walbridge, the company slated to build the terminal building and all support buildings is scheduled to be on site by October 20.

Preparation of the terminal building pad is complete and it is ready for construction to begin. Walbridge is just waiting on the Notice to Proceed from the Airport Authority Board which is expected on October 15, 2008.

The project is moving forward on all fronts.  Currently:

  • The stabilized sub grad for the terminal parking lot area is complete, the curbing for the lot is ongoing and the limerock base is nearly 60% complete.
  • Curbing on the loop road is ongoing.
  • The General Aviation area access road is being final graded.
  • The flight line storm sewer is 85% complete.
  • On Runway 16-34, the asphalt base layer was scheduled to start going down on October 10, 2008.  Concrete paving on the runway is expected to begin on November 11, 2008.
  • The earthwork on Taxiway D is 97% complete, with the stabilized sub grade 65% complete.  The limerock base is nearing 50% completion.  Asphalt paving is anticipated to start October 10, 2008.
  • The security fence around the perimeter of the airport is 46% complete.
  • Earthwork on the perimeter road is nearing 85% completion and the stabilization of the sub grade is ongoing.

3 thoughts on “New Airport Terminal Ready for Construction

  1. hi jason
    we live in england but have a home in pc and love it.
    are we going to get direct earopean flights to the new airport or at least direct flights to such places as new york.


  2. Mapquest and Google Earth are both outdated and you cannot see the new airport location or construction process from their satellites. I do not live in PCB but am interested to see where new airport is and it’s progress, along with locations of newer beach properties.

    Is there a satellite picture that anyone knows of that is live or up to date to view the new airport and surrounding areas?

    If not, is it possible to request an updated view. (A lot of the newer beach front properties and neighborhoods are not on these maps either).


  3. It is hard to say at this time where we will get direct flights to and from as no carriers have been announced. I would assume that direct flights from most of the major cities would be very possible. Not sure about direct flights from Europe, though.

    As far as current views of the airport, I have all of the updated aerials on this site, see

    As far as where it is, see,-85.801334&spn=0.077776,0.138531&t=h&z=13

    It is somewhere around that area, I may have something on that in this site as well, just poke around.


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