PCBDaily Twitter Weekly Updates for 10-21-2008

Below you’ll see live updates from Saturday’s auction, as they were happening, enjoy!

  • @lou1492 hey lou, I just saw your message from September! in reply to lou1492 #
  • @cowgirlkitchen thank for the follow, welcome to pcbdaily! in reply to cowgirlkitchen #
  • @SheilaBarbee thank for the follow, welcome to pcbdaily! in reply to SheilaBarbee #
  • Check pcbdaily.com for a full cra update later this week. #
  • Met with ben faust today with the cra. Beckrich traffic has been switched to the new road with the entire project to finish by summer #
  • Auction over, everyone gone. Check pcbdaily.com for final numbers. #
  • Selling has stopped at approximately 32 condos sold for a total of 8 million generated. Final numbers coming. #
  • They ‘shut the auction down’ but they are still selling condos. #
  • Auctioneer said they aren’t selling any more absolute and people are pouring out of the tent, leaving. #
  • First 2 bedroom sold for 205000. That is 186 before buyers premium #
  • The prices I’m stating are before the 10 percent buyers premium. These are auction prices that a 10 percent buyers premium is added onto. #
  • That’s 190 a square foot. #
  • Second four bedroom sold for 305000 #
  • Second 4 bedroom bidding at 305 right now. SOLD, actually. #
  • First four bedroom sold for 340000. That’s 212 a square foot. #
  • Not one seat empty, people standing all around at the ocean reef auction. #
  • Reading legals. Snore. However necessary. #
  • Doing opening to auction. Bidding should start in a few minutes. #
  • Just completed charity auction. Raised just under 300 for st jude children hospital. #
  • The crowd is growing with 135 registered bidders and growing. #
  • Not many people at the auction yet. Some are up looking at condos. That’s where I’m headed. #
  • Going to the ocean reef auction to view registration. #
  • Live updates of the Ocean Reef Auction tomorrow through twitter!! get price per square foot – real time! #

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