MTVu Coming… with full database and measurement

The TDC Marketing Committee voted today to move forward with the $250K MTVu Spring Break Partnership.  There seems to be a lot of kinks to be worked out, and there were definitely “wishes” put out by the committee and audience members that simply won’t be fulfilled, but the good news is that the CVB will begin properly gathering data with a “PCB Insiders” program, enabling Spring Breakers (and other future segments) to sign up for email and mobile phone updates and promotions.  We’ll be sure to get results of these efforts at the end of Spring Break 09.

This will all be accomplished through a fantastic rich media, interactive Spring Break 09 website that may or may not be developed by YPartnership of “Summer White Sale Website” infamy. The new staff at the CVB should be able to make this quantum leap from the failed email marketing programs of recent past, because the new mobile phone and email programs are outsourced services that are easily implemented.

The co-op partners who participate will be able to communicate with the new database being built by the CVB.  The database will be rich with information and accessible for clear measurement.

My question is… are paying co-op partners the only ones who should benefit from the TDC/CBV database?  I mean, if I were a bed tax collector, writing that check every month, I’d kinda’ like to think I had access to anything the TDC gathered.  But, you know, I’m not a bed tax collector. I’m just sympathetic to their collection burdens.  If you are a bed tax collector, this is a good place for you to voice your opinion.

MTVu is good for the local economy.  It worked last year for a lot of people. MTVu brings enough traffic that rooms are booked and promoters/sponsors have all kinds of opportunities to create relationships with these future guests and residents for a lifetime.

We’ll be writing more posts about Spring Break all the way up to the Big Bang, and welcome your opionions.  But here’s one thing you Spring Break haters can consider in the meantime:  How about planning to get out and meet the students face-to-face to accomplish some of your goals?  Why not plan drug and alcohol prevention pizza parties?  What about a job fair?  Maybe join the dozens of “Alternative Spring Breakers” who will be doing things such as cleaning the beach or ministering their faith in God?  Go help the Panama City Rescue mission collect cans every afternoon.

There is plenty of good and bad on this beach, 365 days per year.  You can choose to be a part of the Good.

4 thoughts on “MTVu Coming… with full database and measurement

  1. I was hoping someone other than the publisher of would catch this, but I left that number there on purpose in a failed attempt to fire up some discussion on this topic.

    I wasn’t inaccurate, I just left out a little detail. The plan, as presented, was $250K. The “little detail” I left out, that the marketing committee amended that it be renegotiated down to $200K is one of the “wishes” I referred to that simply wouldn’t come true. At least not without removing huge chunks of elements from the plan.

    Other wishes that probably won’t come true include the one that MTVu will set up on a neutral, non-business site; or the desire that we would get MTV exposure instead of just MTVu for this kind of budget; or that we can paste MTV’s logo all over our businesses and websites to promote the event.

    Hey, I’m all for wishful thinking. Perhaps I’ll be proven completely wrong, and MTVu will have it in their hearts to drop $50K from the cost just to keep Panama City Beach happy. After all, some folks believe MTV would come here even if we didn’t invest a dime of CVB money.


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