PCBDaily Twitter Weekly Updates for 10-28-2008

  • Heading to an airport meeting #
  • Of you are reading this right now, shut down your computer and go outside, it is gorgeous in panama city beach #
  • Boo at pier park was great with free bouncy houses and crafts for the kids. You should go if you can. #
  • Heading to boo in the park at pier park panama city beach #
  • Oh man, yesterday was nasty rainy, but today is nothing short of an absolutely gorgeous day #
  • Just finishing up a “why buy now” article about the Panama City Beach real estate market. check it in the am, yea, I’m off to bed. #
  • @ChrisTheMacGuy Pier Park is perfect for rainy day shopping, they say it should clear up tomorrow. Enjoy your vacation! in reply to ChrisTheMacGuy #
  • It is a rainy day in panama city beach #
  • Working on ad sales tool. Advertise with pcbdaily! Support you favorite online rag! #
  • Checking on my motorcycle that is for sale. BUY MY MOTORCYCLE #

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