Resort to Quality Education Program gives over $1k

Panama City Beach, Fla. (October 15, 2008)—The Resort Collection of Panama City Beach announced the first award presentation to a participating school in their Resort to Quality Education (RQE) program, which began in the spring of 2008. The RQE program was created in an effort to promote the vacation properties within the Resort Collection while supporting education and contributing to schools.

Any school may participate in the program simply by informing parents, teachers and school supporters about the RQE offer through flyers, posters, school web sites or any other appropriate means of communication. Every time a teacher, student, parent or school supporter makes a reservation with any Resort Collection property and gives the name of the participating school, a 20% discount will be given off the room rate. The Resort Collection will then give 5% of the total room revenue accrued under that school’s name back to the school every quarter.

Recently, The Resort Collection awarded the first RQE program check. On October 10, 2008, The Resort Collection’s Business Development Manager and local Director of RQE, Heather Walsh, presented a quarterly check for $1195.60 to Jim Arrington, headmaster of Macon-East Montgomery Academy, located in Cecil, Alabama.

President of the RQE program, Mike O’Malley, said, “I am honored and blessed to be involved in the development of the RQE program that offers schools the opportunity to fund future educational programs in a creative way.  For years, our resort properties have witnessed families enjoying our accommodations and this program gives us the ability to send a little of us home with them.  We can’t wait to see how these funds are used by the participating schools and how we can further expand our participation in promoting quality education.”

One thought on “Resort to Quality Education Program gives over $1k

  1. Interesting article. Living in a very small town, I can tell you that the scholastic system is the most important thing we can give our children (our local communities depend on it). Too many communities spend too little time and money on the education of its youngest residents who are the future of that community. Kids grow up and the first thing on their minds is to live somewhere else and not give back to the community where they were raised. Then the communities (like this one) are forced to hire temps from other places. It’s a bittersweet relationship. We need them, because many of the jobs would otherwise not be filled. In large part, a lot of those temps are just that, and have no intention on sticking around. But a locally raised youth with the proper education, would hopefully bring his abilities back here and improve his or her neighborhood.


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