Huge Country Name Played at Tootsies in Pier Park

010509_jamey_johnsonSinger/songwriter and Grammy nominee, Jamey Johnson played at Tootsies in Pier Park Friday night.  “His guitarist called me at 4 pm and asked if they could play that night,” said Stephen Dibble, “they ended up staying and playing two sets, it was a great night.”

Tootsies Orchid Lounge originated in Nashville, TN and was made popular by their openly encouraging artists to just “stop by” and play a set.  With roots that include country music legends such as Willie Nelson, Roger Miller, Kris Kristofferson, and Waylon Jennings, today, it isn’t uncommon for big-name artists to drop in for a “hollar and a swallar.”

With the birth of Pier Park, Tootsies realized the perfect opportunity to expand into a growing area and be a part of a development unlike anything in Northwest Florida.  Pier Park brings tremendous adventure to all those that are wanting to shop, eat, be entertained or take part in an awesome New Year’s Eve party.

The customary norm that has made Tootsies so famous in Nashville has rubbed off on our little location in Panama City Beach with the appearance of Jamey Johnson Friday night.  I can’t say with confidence that he is the first big name that has dropped in, but I can say that he is a high profile and very talented artist.

Currently he is ranked in the top ten on for country songs and is expected to grow in popularity in the coming weeks.  A few weeks back, he appeared on the David Letterman show and has made several “best” lists in 2008 including Rolling Stone’s Best Albums of 08, AOL’s Best Album, New York Times Best Album list, best CD and tons more.

Talking to Stephen, he said that the touring season starts in a couple months and we should expect more artists of this caliber this season.  I’m currently working with Tootsies to keep all of you up to date as to what is happening there.  If you haven’t been, you should check it out.  I was there New Year’s shooting some footage (forthcoming) and it was so packed, we could hardly move.

One thought on “Huge Country Name Played at Tootsies in Pier Park

  1. I bet if some of these artists wanted to start coming down here regularly and enjoy some nice beaches, we could find a place for them to stay…
    …kind of a home away from home?

    I bet some folks could figure how
    to help make that happen…


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