AVP Coming to Panama City Beach for Spring Break

As college students across the country prepare for the time honored tradition of Spring Break, the AVP prepares to start a Spring Break tradition of its own this year in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Known to many as Spring Break Capital of the World, Panama City Beach plays host to hundreds of thousands of college students each year, who descend on the Florida coast to soak up the surf and sand, and party on the beach.  Along with the endless sea of Spring Breakers, also come some of the biggest names in Spring Break entertainment, including MTV, who has called Panama City Beach its Spring Break home for several years.

This year, the AVP plans on making its own name for itself in Spring Break entertainment, as it will pack up the Southern California beach party atmosphere found on the AVP Crocs Tour and bring it to Panama City Beach for the first event of the 2009 season.

While the main event of AVP’s Spring Break will be the AVP Crocs Tour, March 27-29, the AVP will head to Panama Beach City on March 7 to start its three week Spring Break experience.

The first two weeks of Spring Break will include numerous promotions and events geared towards Spring Breakers, and hosted by the AVP’s official sponsors, including, Bud Light, Crocs, Gatorade, Naked Juice, and Nature Valley, among others.

The third week of the AVP’s Spring Break will start off with the first ever Collegiate Beach Challenge.  Starting on Tuesday, March 24, college students from across the country will have the chance to participate in a two day four-on-four beach volleyball tournament.  There will be a men’s, women’s and coed division, each competing for cash prizes.  Also at stake for the winning teams will be the unique opportunity to move on to a final where they will face a team of two AVP Pros.

The finale of the AVP’s Spring Break in Panama City Beach will come at the end of week three, with the AVP Crocs Tour Panama City Beach Open.  In what will serve as the 2009 season-opening event, the AVP Crocs Tour will showcase some of the best beach volleyball players in the world, including 2008 Olympic Gold Medalists, Phil Dalhausser and Todd Rogers.  A one-day qualifier will begin on Friday morning followed by a live band in the evening.  Men’s and women’s main draw action will start on Saturday morning with the finals scheduled for Sunday afternoon.

The AVP Crocs Tour event will take place directly in front of Sharky’s Beach Front Restaurant & Tiki Bar, located in the heart of Panama City Beach.  In an attempt to revert back to beach volleyball’s beginnings, six of the courts will be set up in “old school” style.  This will include minimal bleacher seating, allowing plenty of room for beach-goers to throw down their towels and mingle, while fully enjoying the beach party atmosphere of Spring Break.

Those wanting to be close to all of the AVP’s Spring Break events are encouraged to stay in one of the several hotels and condominiums that are affiliated with Sharky’s.  For more information, please click here.

Stay tuned for more details as AVP’s Spring Break gets closer.

Source: AVP.com

9 thoughts on “AVP Coming to Panama City Beach for Spring Break

  1. We went to beach volleyball tournaments when we were younger spring-breaking in the Fort Meyers Beach area. Great fun for all, including the families! (We went with our two young sons less than 10 years old for several years.) Great for restoring the youth in a much more calm atmostphere than you typically see on MTV. It’s a good thing for Panama City Beach to get this tournament this time of year — or, really, any time of year. I’d personally love to see it a second time around during Independence Day period or just before / after Labor Day. It’s nice to see The Beach continuing to grow and build.


  2. I was just about to post the same question as Troy… maybe defining an acronym at the start of an article is a good thing to do! 🙂


  3. Actually, AVP stands for Association of Volleyball Professionals.
    Let’s hope the weather cooperates. If you’ve never seem Beach volleyball played at the professional level, you are in for a treat. The players are amazing, yet very accessable to talk to. The event will certainly be family friendly.

    The Panama City Beach Open will feature prize money in the neighborhood of $100,000!
    Our Men’s Olympic and reigning World Champions, Phil “The Thin Beast’ Dalhausser and Todd “The Professor” Rogers, will be competing on the Men’s side. Phil’s old partner, Nick Lucena will also be competing along with his parter Sean Scott. Nick graduated from FSU and has played lots of ball on our beaches ‘back in the day’.
    The Women’s side is wide open. The Best women’s team in the world, Misty May and Carrie Walsh will not be competing (May is injured and Wash is expecting).

    The AVP has been here before…1985 and 1986 to be exact. In the early 1990’s the tour stopped at Pensacola Beach a few times. Hopefully, with good local support, we can make this an annual event.


  4. Wow!! Exciting news! Can’t wait to come down and watch some World class Beach Volleyball. Excited to see the Men’s Olympic team here. Glad it will be family friendly event!!


  5. I’m looking forward to beach VB coming back. Played a lot when I was younger and always a fan. It will definately keep you in shape. More cool events mean more future success for PCB. Let’s keep them coming back!


  6. It would be great to see more “standing” volleyball nets spring up in the sand at resorts up and down the beach. Or in “public park” areas — do we have any? I suppose the sometimes-cruel Fall seas could dampen enthusiasm to do that. I’ve always thought some sort of “Venice Beach” atmosphere or a sports theme like volleyball would be a great tourist draw. The annual kids baseball tournament is a big draw. We need more of that.


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