New Aerials of the New Panama City Bay County International Airport

New aerials have been released of the construction progress at the new aiport site in West Bay in North Bay County.  The new airport in Panama City Beach is located on 4,000 acres of land donated by the St. Joe Company with the current infrastructure footprint using 1400 acres of the property.

This photo shows the terminal and main parking area.  The left side of the picture is south whereas the right side of the picture is north (or approximately).  The U-shape onthe bottom is the pavement around the main wing of the terminal with the T-shape (with the stem of the T fitting in the U) being the actual terminal footprint.  The box-shapes above the terminal area is the main parking with the cleared area above it (I beleive) will be auxilary parking.  The area to the left is the general aviation area.

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