Breaking News! New Double Indoor Flowrider Coming to PCB

Hot off the press – pcbdaily’s press – an indoor double Flowrider is coming to Panama City Beach.  Think surfing year-round, think surfing whether the water temperature in the Gulf is tolerable or not, think surfing whether it’s raining or lightning outside, or think surfing if you just don’t feel like paddling out.  I’m thinking surfing because I can’t surf for real.

Being a veteran snowboarder remembering the days of the early 1990’s of me and one other guy on the whole mountain learning to snowboard, getting practically run over by skiers hating on the, what they thought, new sport.  I always wanted to skate, but frankly, I sucked at it.  I read all the magazines, wore the cool clothes, listened to the music, liked riding my board, but I couldn’t do any tricks for the life of me.  Or maybe I just wasn’t dedicated.  Snowboarding was everything I wanted – a board that was attached to my feet and a padded landing (sometimes).  I rode passionately every chance I got for 10 years (growing up is Dallas offered me this opportunity twice a year at best).


Fast forward to moving to Panama City Beach in 2001.  “Surfing is just like snowboarding,” a friend told me, “you’ll love it.”  Well, it isn’t, and I don’t.  It always seemed like too much work for not enough playtime.  I was spoiled with the sometimes seemingly endless downhill bouts riding fresh powder.  I gave it another chance when my wife, who is an avid surfer, convinced me.  Same results.  I did however find a new comprimise to my longing for the snow – wakeboarding.  Yet, I’ve only been once.  That day will always linger in my head when I got “up” after the third try and rode for hours.  Everything about the control of the board was familiar – I loved it.  Too bad that was almost three summers ago, and I haven’t gone since.

Fast forward again, to today.  A new double Flowrider is coming to Panama City Beach, and it will be indoor.  Talking to Jeremy, who’s working on the development and operational side of this new attraction, he said, “the best way I can describe it is a jet engine shooting water up a ramp so fast you can surf it.”  The title on the main page of the Flowrider website describes it as “sheetwave attractions.”  They vary in size and even in wave dynamics, but they all provide healthy doses of fun. If you’ve ever been on a Royal Caribbean’s cruise, chances are you’ve run into one.

Driving down Middle Beach Road, right across from Wal-Mart and where Tony Roma’s used to be, you’ve probably seen a video sign that says Shubee Flowrider.  That’s it.  Right there in Miracle Strip Loop will be where all the indoor surfing action can be found starting sometime early summer.  “If everything works out right, we’ll be open sometime in June,” said Jeremy.

Prices haven’t been set yet, but they are estimating the cost to be around $20 per session.  Each session could last for up to 1 hour.  Inside, there will be observation areasall around the attraction, two party rooms and a retail area including gear and apparell.

Welcome to Panama City Beach, Jeremy!

8 thoughts on “Breaking News! New Double Indoor Flowrider Coming to PCB

  1. This sounds like it will be exactly what this area needs!!! If we are trying to attract year round visitors, then we need year round fun & affordable activities like this. Jason, thanks for putting this on the site, as I had seen the sign – and wondered what exactly it was going to be, but kept forgetting to jump on line and go to the website. Now I know & I wish them the best of luck!!!!!


  2. The is like my childhood dream come true! Anyone who is a surfer in PC has always wished we had a surfable wavepool or a flowrider for those endless flat spells. The problem: There are SO many surfers now compared to when I was a teenager. The last time I went to the St. Park and looked at the lineup…my jaw dropped to my chest. There were so many people out! And all competing for the same little peak. I fear the same thing might happen with the flowrider.


  3. Hey, Jason, great write-up (and thanks for the welcome)! As soon as I’ve got the go-ahead, I’ll let you release some more info… 😉

    To everyone else, I really appreciate your comments. We are *beyond* excited about bringing a double Flowrider to Panama City Beach.

    As SOON as the website goes live, I’ll come back and give you the full link!


  4. Already noticed the development of the most bad ass attraction to hit pc besides spring break! Here’s an idea! Make one that creates a five foot shore break for the semi pro skimboarders. Hey throw a skate park on the side of that thing too!!!!!


  5. Hey Jason, sounds like you need to learn to kiteboard. Way more fun than wakeboarding/waterskiing and you don’t need a boat. Only downside is waiting for wind.


  6. Hate to hijack this discussion but was riding down middle beach today and I guess I didn’t put 1 and 1 together when reading this but what happened to Tony Romas? I did see the digital sign for the flowrider tho….cool!


  7. Who in their right mind thought this was a good location? The egress and ingress to Miracle Strip Loop is a disaster and is already a problem with the increased traffic the new tanning place brings. Just try turning left toward walmart out of there without getting killed or violating the sidewalk space just to see out over the main sign… or turning in off middle beach behind someone else that then stops to park at the tanning place and doesn’t notice that the person behind them is stuck out in the oncoming traffic. Granted… the surf place will be great but why not put it somewhere where ‘amusements’ are already drawing traffic and built to withstand it.
    Just another one of those PCB improvements that makes me scratch my head in wonder.


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