Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-31

  • just signed up for twittervision, wondering how it works. #
  • Tootsies is packed out. And I was told this is nothing, wait til 11 #
  • Tootsies is packed out. I was told that this is nothing though. They said wait until 11 #
  • oh sweet success. everything is in order, in place and good! super stoked. #
  • maybe all my stuff is still on it? that would be nice. #
  • so far so good, fingers crossed. #
  • yay, I just got my mackbookpro back. lets see if it works. they were supposed to have fixed it! #
  • ooo, it’s raining hard now. getting dark outsite. #
  • Where nikki allen volleyball chick fainted on tv with wayne gentry – Photo: #
  • They’ll play its raining, but the wind is what mkes it tough – Photo: #
  • Trying to get my media pass. Funny how these outsiders come in here and lock down our area. #
  • Avp at sharkys. Winds probably 20mph gusts. Blowing me over. – Photo: #
  • On top of seahaven. Winds are scary up here, and its starting to rain. #
  • will tweet for food! #
  • But, getting ready to go up to GCCC for back end demo on new panama city beach web site. #
  • came home with my middle son – crazy bad weather, tornado warning and torrential rain. scary #
  • Let’s see what the board thinks. I think the creative was great. Huge improvement over last year. #
  • Realfunbeach would be the new url for the campign #
  • Ypartnership’ summer marketing campaign creative art is way better than last year. #
  • Peter yesawich is up. Talking about summer marketing plan. #
  • Huge social push. The site will update pcb’s network of social sites. #
  • Jbinc is going to create custom facebook apps for the new site. #
  • Eventually partners will be able to add their own videos. #
  • Partners will be able to add their own promos. And even specify it towards certain “personalities” #
  • Ooo, has partner login section for . . . Well, partners. #
  • Name recall using cookies. Displays name across top of page. Says welcome back *name* at the top. #
  • Amazingly simple content management system (cms). Very straightforward and easy to navigate. #
  • Front end of the website is amazing. Let’s look at the backend. Inovative cms #
  • Trip planner plots out where you’re going on maps mashup #
  • Entire site changes based on the anwers to the “fun quizes”. #
  • “Fun” is the theme. #
  • Uses boulean search. Searches index of everything on the site. Text, image tags, everything. Cool. #
  • heading to the TDC meeting to see the new VisitPanamaCityBeach web site from @JenniferBarbee #
  • @Sunjammers the flowrider? Miracle Strip Loop in reply to Sunjammers #
  • Just ordered the big daddy jack burger at bww #
  • I’m at Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar – #
  • going to pier park for lunch with @beachaccesspcb #
  • – Breaking news! Indoor flowrider in panama city beach #
  • The pros are out practicing even though rain approaches #
  • Avp is getting cranked up behind sharkys. – Photo: #

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