Thunder Beach – Craziest Outfit Video Contest

_mg_2379wtmkThunder Beach is here again and this rally is expected to be larger than ever.  Every rally, I’m always amazed at how crazy some of the bikers that come visit our area look and how unusual looking some of their bikes are.  So this year, we’ve decided to launch a contest, and we’re giving stuff away!  I can’t wait.

So, here’s all the details.

Each day of Thunder Beach, starting Thursday, Cebo and I will be out and about shooting video and interviewing the most zaney, crazy and unusually dressed bikers on the beach.  We’ll be getting the inside scoop as to exactly what attracts them to their apparel antics, what they are wanting to accomplish by dressing that way, and hopefully not get beat up while doing it.

At the end of each day, we’ll upload the videos for display right here on pcbdaily for all to view asking everyone to cast their vote in the comments section.  In addition, the videos will be uploaded to our Facebook Fan page, so you can participate there as well.

So, if you’ll be in town, and you have an unusual style of biker-dress, shoot us an email and we’ll set up a time to meet.  Otherwise, we’ll see you at the venues!

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Here’s what we’re giving away.

1st-place Prize:  Flip MinoHD – a mini camcorder that captures BIG action, in full 1280×720 HD resolution.  The MinoHD weighs in at just over 3.3 oz’s and measures only 2 by 4 inches.  This if perfect is you want to capture big video on a camera that fits in your pocket.  Our staff has one and loves it.  One of the coolest things about this camera is that uploading to YouTube is as easy as plugging the camera flip-out usb drive into your computer.  Retails at $229.00.  Sponsored by is a new web site that our company, Too Creative, is launching to fill in the “blog-gap” in our area about information all about Panama City Beach.  SeePCB is the ONLY way to See Panama City Beach online. is everything PCBDaily can’t be providing full written experiences of what it’s like to come to Panama City Beach.

2nd-place Prize:  $70 Gift Certificate to Solace Day Spa in Pier Park – Well, actually, this was intended to be a $50 gift card, but they are offering a $20 gift card free to all that receive treatment there, so, they gave us permission to use that in conjuction with the $50 gift card they contributed bringing this prizes value to $70.  With that amount, you can buy a 60 minute Elemental Nature™ Massage that includes a “personalized massage experience based upon the Aveda Elemental Nature philosophy and your favorite Aveda plant based aromas.”

hofbrau3rd-place Prize:  $25 Gift Certificate to Hofbrau Beer Garden – Hofbrau Beer Garden, located in Pier Park in Panama City Beach is our area’s only authentic German Beer Garden.  Bringing Munich to the beach the “beer garden”, as it’s be come to be known serves authentic Bavarian dishes such as Schnitzel Wiener Art and Rouladen.  Of course, you can’t forget their authentic German beer imported fresh by the keg including the Original, the Dunkel and the Weißbier.

We’ll see you at Thunder Beach!

10 thoughts on “Thunder Beach – Craziest Outfit Video Contest

  1. Remember all the posts complaining about how much garbage was left on the beach during ‘Spring Break’?

    You might as well just run them again for this thread and save everyones time and effort.


  2. Thunder beach is the best event at PCB there are alot of people that bring MONEY!! and the police all tell me that they can take it easy. Vertually NO problems from the bikers. Just a bunch of Baby Boomers haveing a good time.


  3. Agreed. I’m not going to let your negative attitude overrun this post, Bill (Concerned Owner). The quality of visitor that Thunder Beach brings in is great, and this is a great event that has grown tremendously over the years. Many of these “bikers” that come in are doctors, lawyers and other professionals that spend lots of money here.


  4. Jason, I see your point, and I know this is a charity event and good cause. But, there are other ways for this town to bring in revenue. Other towns do it, does PCB know what case studies are? They should try doing some. If you are so supportive of this, try spending that weekend in a beach front condo with your family and see how much sleep you and your kids get. See how great it is then. PCB should have a disclaimer in it’s tourist brochure – if you’re not a biker stay away these two weeks.


  5. Michele, I understand, but we can’t forget that Thunder Beach, during the spring AND fall take place during what was a shoulder season for years.

    10 years ago before TB ever came along, during the two weeks they decided to start having the event, tourism was dead. In fact, that’s a huge decision in deciding whether the CVB will support a new event – rarely will you see a new event be supported during the summer months when visitors are already coming here.

    Thunder Beach creates the traffic our beach sees during that time period and if it wasn’t for Thunder Beach, that would be another week that the local shops and restaurants would not create revenue.

    Tourism involves more than the local “beach-goers” and residents, it also involves the business owners and retailers.

    Thunder Beach has been going on for years, and it works regarding bringing in people that spend money in our area. Why change that just because a few “locals” don’t like the noise (I’m actually one of them!).


  6. As I posted before, Thunder Beach and Bike week are very important to our local economy. I agree that the late night noise from the few should be regulated. Why can’t the police enforce a noise ordinance that after a certain time a noisy bike can be ticketed? Most of us who are avid bikers are not out late at night anyway. It’s usually the younger few who are drunk and looking for trouble anyway. Thunder Beach is a great experience and everyone should try to check out all of the cool things available during this event. This is a tourist town and if you don’t like it leave! If you are having problems with the noise leave your radio on or run a fan to mask the noise. That’s what I do and I sleep just fine even though I am one block from Thomas drive where bikes run all night long. The comments from “Concerned Owner” are valid but his constant negativity is not something we need or desire to get this town back up and running. When the new Airport comes in and the new businesses and entertainment start to flow we will get bigger and better so if you don’t like it now I suggest you think about moving on and stop complaining.
    It seems like people are more interested in complaining instead of being optimistic and work constructively to increase the value of the area and give our visitors a wonderful experience when they come so they will want to return year after year.


  7. I was in an older condo in PC and decided that I would upgrade to a nice new condo in PCB. Boy was that a mistake, now I have to put up with a month or six weeks of drunken college kids and thousands of bikers twice a year.

    The only people who like this nonsense are those who have businesses or people who work for tips. This is about 5%, at best, of the people in PCB. The tail is wagging the dog here.

    The business community has taken over the running of PCB, it is being run so that they can make a profit. The people who actually live and work here are not interested in all the hoopla that these unruly visitors are bringing here, traffic, garbage, noise etc.

    As to the suggestion that those who don’t like it should move, well if that person likes all the noise and confusion 24/7 then they ought to move to Disney Land or 6 Flags.

    Your site should be giving out gifts or prizes to those of us who have to put up with all these visitors.


  8. This is for David first: You are dead on my friend, this is a “Tourist Town”, Hello? They should stop complaining because they knew what they were getting into when they bought property here. And Jim, you should be realistic, nobody goes out and buys a newer condo after already owning one here for years and then is upset because of the spring break and thunder beach twice a year. You are the one that has moved into Disney World. What did you expect?


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