Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-28

  • late, no milk, going to donut island #
  • going up to check out Ron Jon’s Beach Cleanup thingy, more on that later #
  • Stay tuned for details on a Thunder Beach video contest by pcbdaily this week! giving stuff away! #
  • Tons of bikes out, could they be early arrivals for @ThunderBeach ? #
  • done. do I tweet too much? #
  • I just did a 2 minute interview that will air on knology channel 10 over the next two weeks. If someone sees it, can they record it for me? #
  • They said they plugged pcbdaily a couple times on the air two sundays ago. Cool! Thanks viamedia! #
  • I think I’m about to be interviewed by viamedia who does knology ad and airtime sales. #
  • I’ve been told twice today that I tweet too much. Is that true? #
  • I just saw a guy put himself comepletely in a 6 foot baloon. #
  • Sand in my toes in my shoes. Waiting on the shuttle in the edgewater shopping parking lot. Here we go! #
  • The thing that’s cool about converse is the little holes that let sand in when you walk on the beach. #
  • Going to the business expo at edgewater. I’m late. #
  • Alright, so earlier, from my BB I was tweeting to @thebeachshow, instead of to @pcbdaily. . . So, I now fix. #
  • A bar at a business expo. Great drunk people looking for jobs. – Photo: #

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