Joey's at the Beach II – Just Amazing Food

If you haven’t been to Joey’s at the Beach or their most recent addition to the family, Joey’s at the Beach II (at the Y of Highway 79 and Front Beach Road) then you’re missing out.  I’ve had pizza by the slice there two weeks in a row and it is one of the two best places to get pizza in Panama City Beach.

I’m no foodie, nor a culinary expert, so I’ll spare you a “review,” and get right to the point.

Last week and today, we ordered the Joey’s Special, which is the equivalent to a supreme.  The ingredients are all fresh, the crust the perfect texture and the slices huge.  Last week I made the mistake in ordering two slices and could only finish one.  I say mistake, but really it just provided the perfect left-overs.

The pizza is awesome, but one of the things I loved most about this place is that for lunch, it was super affordable.  Karen and I bought lunch with tip for around $12.  We both had sodas, two huge slices of pizza and these cute little bread balls with minced garlic on top, and it was all delicious.

Here is a link to their site.

Here is a link to their menu.

Here is a map for their location:

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Amazing pizza.

16 thoughts on “Joey's at the Beach II – Just Amazing Food

  1. I think it was 12 before the tip but I can not remember all I remember is that the pizza was GREAT. It was my turn to pay so that is why we may be a few dollars off. Jason and I always eat somewhere after beach show to regroup and we take turns paying. BOTTOM LINE IS WE LOVE JOEYS AND FOR ME I KNOW WHAT A GREAT FAMILY IS BEHIND THAT PLACE AND THAT MAKES ME LOVE IT MORE. Do yourself a favor and head over there, I felt like I was eating pizza in New York which everyone knows is great but much pricier!!! Everyone says that the other food is great but we can not get past the Pizza.


  2. So, it’s safe to say yous guys aren’t from Brooklyn! Those ”cute little bread balls” as you put it are called Garlic knots 🙂 I think I have a ‘Slice of pie’ at Joeys at least 3 times a week. Joey is ”Real Brooklyn” and when you’re talking pizza (not some old war) being from New York is a Good Thing 🙂 They also have a sports bar with beer and wine, goes great with a ”slice” 🙂

    Thank you for ”PCB Daily”, I think I read every post 🙂


  3. Definately the best pizza in PCB! I’ve lived all over the country…and have tried pizza in lots of different cities. Joey rules! Have to have it at least once a week or I go into convulsions….:-)


  4. I was excited when they opened Joey’s II because we needed some good pizza at this end of the beach. I also like that you can buy it by the slice. But the last time I got some, the cheese tasted wierd. It wasn’t stringy, kind of mushy. Is it real cheese?


  5. Just curious if Joey’s is one of the two best which is the other best?
    I love Joey’s on Thomas so will try the new Joey’s when I venture West.


  6. We have been thinking about ordering from there or stopping by. I am glad you guys posted this. Normally, we order from HH, but I have been looking for something else. When ever we go to Lexington KY, we always go to Joe Bologna’s. If you haven’t eaten there, it is a must.

    I am really craving some pizza now =)


    1. ya know, Hungry Howies is great if you are looking for cheap fast pizza, but the pizza “pies” at Joey’s just don’t compare. If you want the real deal, this is definitely the place to go.


  7. To everyone who commented on our new and older locations, we would like to thank all of you for your input. We are very pleased that everyone is enjoying everything soooo much! That just means we are doing it right! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Our customers are the best and we appreciate each and every one!! Can’t wait to see you again!


    1. Joey, Ann Maie and gang,

      Sorry, I’ve been in Nashville for a few days, Don’t pay the ransom, I escaped and I’ll be in real soon for a slice, heck, I’ll get a whole pie 🙂


  8. Wow….I went to Joeys on the Beach II and it was awesome. Food was the best on the beach!!!! Make sure you try the cannoli before you leave. You guys are the best.


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