State of Emergency – Tropical Storm Ida and Panama City Beach

Tropical Storm Ida, quickly making her way through the Gulf of Mexico is set to give Mobile and Pensacola a near direct hit tomorrow morning.  Panama City Beach has been overcast with Ida’s girth since early this morning, and we’ve seen wind gusts of up to 20 mph.  We were out on the new Russell-Fields Pier this morning and captured dozens of surfers sharing the huge waves that came in nice even sets with smooth breaks in between.

Read on for video, tips on hurricane preparedness, and info on closings tomorrow, etc.

// It’s funny how a few years of little to no hurricane activity in Panama City Beach causes everyone to get all caught up in a tizzy when we have a puny and weakening tropical storm raging toward the west of us.  I remember a few years ago when we had hurricane after hurricane pointing directly at us for weeks at a time, we began to get casual in our confidence to be able to weather the storm.  In passing, you would hear people talking about putting up their hurricane shutters and buying generators.  Today?  Well, we’re shutting down schools, businesses and declaring a state of emergency.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely going to use tomorrow to have a “play-day” with my family and I definitely don’t think we should take any threat lightly. // Regardless of my limited previous argument, what should we be doing (or should have already done, rather) to prepare for this storm? Read on here for some tips we put together on hurricane preparedness. // Schools in Bay County will be closed tomorrow.  So, if you have kiddos, enjoy them for a mid-week weekend as Veteran’s day will keep them home on Wednesday too! //

3 thoughts on “State of Emergency – Tropical Storm Ida and Panama City Beach

  1. JASON – tHANKS FOR THE PHOTO’S Really neat to see and ‘hear’ it first hand.
    Have a good day tomorow. Love to all . grdma e k


  2. I know it’s better to be safe then sorry but Ida was just lame. We barely got any rain. Everyone freaks out over storms and then they’re really nothing. Had it been a lvl 3 hurricane, it would be something else but man, a tropical storm? PANIC!


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