Panama City Beach Learning Adventures

The Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) of Panama City Beach in association with Gulf Coast Community college will present learning adventures in Panama City Beach for the period from Jan-7th 2010 to April-22nd 2010.In this event community education classes will be held for the public at various places in the beach.

The subjects in the classes include conversational Spanish, Financial Literacy, Digital Camera beginning and advanced, Ball Room Dancing, World Religions, Advances in Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, Location Photography, Exploring Drawing, Yoga and other useful topics.

The six hour course fee for Ball Room Dancing will be $39.00.In this course, you can learn the basic skills used in both slow and fast dance. The class is held by Patrick Hornsby who is a professional Ball Room Dancer and teacher with 35 years of experience. The event will be held at Calypso Beach Café in the Panama City Beach.

The classes in Conversational Spanish will equip the students the basic conversational skills for traveling in Spanish speaking countries. The six hour course fee for this program will be $39.00 only. The classes will be held by Ana Montero who is a distinguished Spanish instructor.

In the World Religions Program an effort will be made to study the various religions around the world. This course will provide an insight into world religions like Hindhuism, Islam, Budhism, Judaism and Christianity and the different beliefs and practices prevalent in these religions. The six hour course fee for this program is $39.00. The classes on world religion will be held by Jim Stansbury who is a pastor at The Gulf Beach Presbyterian Church.

In the Financial Literacy program, the students are taught information on how to take right financial decisions and they can clear their doubts on protecting their assets before and after their death. The Instructor for this 6 hour program is Bobby Roberts who is a NASD Registered Principle with the broker/dealer, Linsco/Private Ledger. The course fee for this program is $39.00.

In the program Advances in Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, the complex methods of drug development, about FDA, the regulations and constraints on drugs etc. are taught.

In the Digital Camera Program, both basic and advanced courses are held separately comprising 6 hours of duration. In the beginning program basic aspects like pixels, memory, downloading to computer etc. are taught and in the advanced program, features like using lenses, camera accessories, shutter speeds are taught. The instructor of this program is Sue Bull who is a working professional with several years of teaching experience.

The students can register for the program either in person, by mail, fax or online. More information is available on

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