TOP TEN Articles on PCBDaily for 2009

Every year we like to put a little post together showing you the TOP TEN articles on PCBDaily for the previous year.  The top content is easily found by doing some digging in our analytics.  This year’s top stories included a mix from airport news to auction results to information pieces about Pier Park. So, without further ado!

10.  Me, Lil Wayne, and Spring Break 2009 on Panama City Beach

Spring Break 2009 delivered Lil Wayne to our crystal white sand beaches today.  Thousands, if not tens of thousands of people were in attendance to see who was described to me earlier as the biggest name in entertainment in the U.S. today.


9.  Details of Southwest Airlines and St. Joe “Partnership”

It was made quite clear by Bob Montgomery, Vice President of Properties for Southwest Airlines, that if it weren’t for St. Joe, Southwest Airlines wouldn’t be coming to Panama City.  The discussions between St. Joe and Southwest Airlines began over a decade ago.  One of the things that was explained to me a short while ago was that Southwest Airlines can go where ever they want to go; they just pick an airport, and the airport accommodates.


8.  NEW NAME for the Panama City Airport

At this morning’s special-called Airport Authority meeting, the only topic on the table was the new name for the new airport.  For months, this has been a topic of intense debate and we had a HUGE surge of interest here at pcbdaily just three weeks ago with over 100 comments on the article we published about it.


7.  New Airport Construction Aerials Released

Boy how time flies when you’re having fun.  With construction to end in just 8 short months and planes to start landing on the new runway the construction process seems to be flying by.  I remember thinking how far away May 2010 seemed when they started construction.


6.  Pier Park Summer Concert Series Schedule

Dust off those ears and be sure to show up wax free for the summer concert series Thusday nights at Aaron Bessant Park at Pier Park in Panama City Beach.  The fourth year running, I’m always pleasantly surprised at the phenomenal turnout each week.


5.  The New King of South Has Been Crowned

Early Tuesday morning, a milestone was reached at the New Panama City Beach – Bay County International Airport Site. The capping of the control, a significant accomplishment in airport construction, was completed with nary a hiccup.


4.  25 Pier Park Restaurants – Complete Guide to Dining in Pier Park

Hundreds of people land on pcbdaily every month searching for Pier Park Restaurants, so I thought I’d give you guys the most complete list in Panama City Beach for restaurants in Pier Park.  The list is broken into three categories:


3.  125 Condos SOLD at Auction – $66/SQAURE FOOT

Arriving shortly after 11 am, I was later than most as the seats were filling up and the line was growing longer at the registration table.  Bidders were checking in and the day was perfect for an auction, Island Reserve Condos were ripe for the picking and the deals were sure to be sweet.


2.  Southwest Airlines is Coming to Panama City Beach

Ladies and Gents, it’s official: Southwest Airlines has been named the low cost carrier for the Northwest Florida Panama City International Airport.


1.  Which 4 Destinations will Southwest Airlines Fly in From?

This is an interesting “top-article” for the whole year seeing as it has only been published for a couple weeks.  This article was passed around a lot and was evidenced as such with having over 160 comments.  Now, those of you that are familiar with blogs know that 160 comments is a very HUGE deal.  Still, it is no surprise to me that this article is number 1 seeing as this very topic is the culmination of a very long string of events that surround the airport that we’ve been covering very closely since the beginning – The New Airport!

Without doubt you recall back in October it was announced that Southwest Airlines would be bringing their canyon blue jets over our emerald waters and gently be landing them at our brand-spankin new airport in Panama City Beach. People cheered, some teared up and the excitement spread like butter. Dubbed after two tries the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport, St. Joe and Southwest partnered along with Coastal Vision 3000 and area TDC’s to come up with a dynamic plan to grown our area’s industry, tourism and hopefully population. When the big announcement was made, 8 flights a day were committed to from 4 different locations, but the locations were to be named in December.


One thought on “TOP TEN Articles on PCBDaily for 2009

  1. i get more real news from youall than any other plase i read . you are like fox you tell it like it is and not like the government wants it told . you don,t tell just part of it and leave you wandering about the rest and have to form your own ap, about it . . when you read it you know the whole thing . like paul harvey – the rest of the story . thanks for being the best . gerald brock


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