5 Ways You Can Stay Fit and Healthy in Panama City Beach

When it comes to keeping fit and staying in shape, most of us have great intentions. We set ourselves goals such as joining a gym or trying a new diet, or we tell ourselves that starting tomorrow, we will forgo the junk food and replace it with healthier choices. We may even enlist a friend for motivation. Continue reading “5 Ways You Can Stay Fit and Healthy in Panama City Beach”

8 Spots for Waterfront Dining in Panama City Beach

What could be better than a relaxing and appetizing meal in the company of someone special? How about a gorgeous view of the water to complement the experience? In Panama City Beach, there’s no shortage of beautiful waterfront settings that will turn any meal into a special occasion – check out our guide (in no particular order) to some of the best. Continue reading “8 Spots for Waterfront Dining in Panama City Beach”

Miracle Strip at Pier Park Now More Than Words

By now we’ve all heard the talk or felt the excitement about Miracle Strip reopening at Pier Park. Up until a few weeks ago, the speculation has proven to be little more than a variance approval, concepts and lots and lots of rumors. In mid December, the Miracle Strip at Pier Park facebook fan page, here if you want to be a fan, announced a completion and opening in March 2010 and, honestly, I was skeptical until a recent visit proved the announced date worthy of all the excitement. Many of the old rides have already been restored and are in the installation process. Ticket prices and annual passes have been set and, as you can imagine, the buzz for preceding the opening is startling.

The progress is so exciting, it almost makes me forget that it is opening during March, better known as Spring Break, the only time of the year that most locals don’t want to go. Still, I for one, will definitely be in line, come April maybe May, to catch a ride on what parts of my youth I thought would never be rebuilt.

2010 Mardi Gras at the BEACH – EXPANDED

You may have noticed that the title of this post is NOT Mardi Gras Parade, rather Mardi Gras at the Beach.  Yes, this is intentional.  This year’s Mardi Gras celebration on Panama City Beach will be much bigger than last year’s celebration.  Instead of a parade and after party, this year the event will span over two days, starting Friday evening and going until midnight Saturday.

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Giant Hole – Fiesta Motel – GONE!

What was a long time landmark in Panama City Beach and quite possibly considered a home away from home for many has now fallen peril to the almighty and deathly bulldozer.  What was once the destination for families and spring breakers alike is now the resting place of mountains of rubble, re-bar and kitchen sinks.

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Tune in to the Battle of the Batons presented by Panama City POPS Orchestra

Panama City Beach and Bay County as a whole is extremely rich when it comes to the arts – did you know that Panama City was recently named number 6 out of the 100 Best Small Art Towns in America? (John Villani, Muit Press, 1997). A favorite on the list of local artistic offerings is the Panama City POPS Orchestra, a non-profit symphony orchestra who have been making sweet music in Bay County since 1996. Formerly the Orchestra of St. Andrew Bay, the Panama City POPS Orchestra is now in its 14th season and is set to enjoy another great year of exciting musical performances blended with the orchestra’s unique, fun style.

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TDC Meeting Agenda for Tuesday

On this week’s Tourist Development Council agenda, the discussion is outlined for a few exciting events of the past and of the near future.  They will hear a report from Rober Parrish, from the successful Emerald Coast Cruizin Event and an update on the progress of the planning of this year’s spring-time Sea Breeze Jazz Festival that will be held at Aaron Bessant Park at Pier Park.  Last year’s Jass Festival was immensely successful in light of its new venue.  They will also hear a presentation from Fahlgren on Creative Concept.

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2009 Year End Real Estate Market Summary and Analysis

An interesting thing about a prolonged down market, after three years everybody gets bored.  Real estate agents have quit trying to convince the public that the bottom has been reached because every month they were proved wrong.  Appraisers have been beaten up so bad for relaying the bad news; you can’t get one to admit he is an appraiser in public.  Sellers have thrown in the towel.  Buyers loiter about like hungry vultures.  Welcome to the 2010 Panama City Beach condo market.  For those who are still awake, the following is our summary of the local condo market as of the end of 2009.  Unfortunately, it looks exactly like the end of 2008.

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New Airport Aerials Released (you see them here first!) Runway Extension Almost Complete

Well folks, we’ve done it again.  You see them here first – new aerials of the new Panama City Airport have been released and they show the runway extension of Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport as almost complete.

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