Pier Park Concert For Haiti – Feb 20th

The Panhandle Chapter of the American Red Cross announced a free concert fundraiser to be held in Panama City Beach for the relief of the Haitian people.

After seeing the devastation caused by the earthquake in Haiti on January 12, Ski Light, owner of Ski Productions in Panama City Beach came up with the idea for a benefit concert.

With the help of Bob Pearce, Executive Director of the Panhandle Chapter of the American Red Cross, the idea was brought to the City of Panama City Beach. The concert will be held on Feb. 20, from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., at the Aaron Bessant Amphitheater in Pier Park.

The concert will feature at least seven regional bands, including the Steve Wiggins Band, Tony Vegas, Bittersweet and several others. In addition, there will be entertainment for children courtesy of Space Walk of Panama City.

Local merchants and businesses, including Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge in Pier Park and Leitz Music in Panama City have contributed items to be given away on the day of the concert. These items include acoustic and electric guitars, as well as gift certificates for meals and services. People donating to the effort will receive a drawing ticket for every five dollars they contribute, and the drawings will continue through the day.

For more information on this story visit www.PierParkHaitiConcert.com.

Original article at Chipley Paper

One thought on “Pier Park Concert For Haiti – Feb 20th

  1. Now why can’t someone come up with an idea like this to help all the people on the beach and surrounding area that are in such need. And before you jump me I gave money for the relief of the Haitian people.


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