Optimism On PCB: Dawn Moliterno “More International Travelers”

Photo Courtesy of Walton County Chamber

Dawn Moliterno has been the President & CEO of the Walton Area Chamber of Commerce for nearly 5 years and has been a leader in our region for quite some time.

Dawn serves on several boards all over our area including Coastal Vision 3000, West Florida Regional Planning Council CEDS Committee, Okaloosa/Walton Workforce Development Board,  and the Scenic Corridor Association.

Dawn on the new Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport

“I do believe the new Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport will change our economy and have a major impact on Northwest Florida in the near future and more dramatic impact down the road. We are already seeing the signs by all fares being considerably lower in airports throughout the region with the announcement of Southwest Airlines.”

Dawn on Upcoming Changes to Our Area

“Panama City Beach and all of Northwest Florida will have a global change and we will all start experiencing a much different kind of landscape. More international travelers will be prevalent and more infrastructure improvements in place to support the destination will be on the near horizon.”

Dawn on Our Region

Short term we will all need patience and a collaborative attitude. Our new vacationers and business opportunities won’t care about county lines or fragmented markets. We will need to make it easier for them to move around the region and enjoy all its vast assets.

A Little More About Dawn

Recently, the Florida Public Relations Association’s (FPRA) Northwest Florida Coast Chapter named Dawn their Person of the Year. Each year, the Northwest Florida Coast Chapter of FPRA recognizes a person or professional who has made a significant contribution, within the field of public relations, to the community. This person is usually someone outside the public relations profession who has made notable contributions to the community and has employed PR strategies and tactics. In addition, Dawn was selected by Florida Senator Don Gaetz and other Congressional leaders to represent Northwest Florida at the 2008 Leadership for Women in Business Conference. On September 22, 2008 the Honorable Jeff Miller of the First District of Florida recognized Dawn in the Congressional reading for her achievements and contribution to Northwest Florida.

Read More About Dawn Molitero at www.waltoncountychamber.org

4 thoughts on “Optimism On PCB: Dawn Moliterno “More International Travelers”

  1. Dawn expresses what so many of us believe. The leaders of our area all need to develop a “collaborative attitude”. Visitors to our area, regardless whether their visit is for vacation or business, will not be concerned with county lines. Collectively our area has so much to offer. The current fragmented marketing does not take advantage of this. When will we see that our competition is not one of our areas against another, but instead beaches in other states and other areas of Florida? Our area is an obvious win!

    It is easy to see why the Florida Public Relations Association’s (FPRA) Northwest Florida Coast Chapter named Dawn their Person of the Year. Congratulations!!! This is well deserved.


  2. We live in England and have a home in PCB. We love coming over 3 or 4 times per year.
    We are very dissappointed at the initial costs of flights for us from UK to the new airport and have booked our next few flights to VPS as it is $120 dollars each cheaper than the new airport—are we likely to get cheaper fares anytime soon.


  3. Neil:

    The addition of Southwest to PCB does nothing for international fares. I live in PCB and VPS will continue to be my airport of choice as it is almost the same distance from my home and their fares remain lower.


  4. As a homeowner in PCB, who travels along the Gulf Coast on a regular basis, I have seen a decline in PCB in recent years. I used to be optimistic in the future of PCB, but the backwards thinking of PCB officials and community leaders, the lack of a cohesive comprehensive plan that is enforced to clean up the beach area, and offset the damage done by the declining real estate market has sealed the fate of PCB for years to come. The airport will have absolutely no impact to overcome the current challenges when the community itself fails to be a desirable and marketable commodity and continues to spiral downward. The spring breaker crowd this year has increased in count, yet anyone who walked the beach can attest that the kids were not here for fun in the sun, rather late night partying and drunken brawls in the street. Something must be done immediately to overcome the decline in this town or the implications will be irreversible. The other coastal towns do not have our issues, and have not been impacted as severely as PCB. We need to get our heads out of the sand and do something quickly for an overall urban renewal as PCB will become the dumping ground of the coast and the few tourists with cash the airport may bring will all head west.


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