Tired of Spring Break? April Fun Is Right Around The Corner

For those of you who have been disenchanted by Spring Break, afraid to go out and, when you do, avoiding some of your favorite spots, worry not, April is coming to bring you some really, REALLY, good times. Panama City Beach has put together a string of April events that will have you out enjoying the weather and having an awesome time.

Seabreeze Jazz Festival – April 16th, 17th and 18th

Last year’s Seabreeze Jazz Festival was one of Panama City Beach’s most successful events of the year. Hosted by internationally acclaimed jazz guitarist Nick Colionne, the event featured some of the most skilled jazz musicians in the world. The likes of Eric Darius, Boney James, Wayman Tisdale, Will Downing, Althea Rene, Warren Hill, Joyce Cooling and other took over Pier Park for a weekend of music, food, wine and all around good-times. Below is the video we shot from last years event.


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Mr. Surf’s 12th Annual Spring Skim Jam – April 16th, 17th and 18th

If you’ve never attended a Skim Jam, you don’t know what you’re missing. The world’s most talented professional skimmers absolutely shredded the break on Panama City Beach, doing tricks on a skim board the likes of which you’ve never seen. Held behind Edgewater Beach Resort, the event had nearly 100 competitors vie for the title with local legend Corbin Dull pulling off the championship. Check out the video.


The event in held at Sharky’s Beach Club at 15201 Front Beach Rd. on Panama City Beach.

Activities include:
– The “12th Annual Zap Pro/Am Spring Skim Jam” – Northwest Florida’s largest national skim board competition featuring the best Pro & Amateur skimboarders from around the world
– Panama  Jack’s Lil’ Sandiggers Treasure Hunt – A treasure hunt in the sand for kids 11 & under
– Other family fun-filled activities on the beach!

For more information visit Mr. Surf’s Surf Shop 7220 Thomas Drive – (850)235-2702 or visit the website: www.mrsurfs.com,

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Gulf Coast Charity Horse Show And Music Festival – April 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th

Tennessee Walkers strut their stuff in this year’s 12th Annual Gulf Coast Charity Horse Show And Music Festival at Frank Brown Park. You can expect this event to include great food, talented horses and riders and carnival-style fun for the kids. And, did I mention stunt riding…oh yes, there will be stunt riding.

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The Thunder Beach Spring Rally – April 29th – May 2nd

When you hear the phrase “Thunder Beach” you know to expect big fun, venues packed with vendors, music and bike people having a blast, and most of all the world’s top motorcycles. Last year’s Thunder Beach proved to be one of the classiest, most exciting TBs yet and this year could be better. You don’t want to miss it.

Check out the video of the moto-stunt team at Frank Brown Park

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4 thoughts on “Tired of Spring Break? April Fun Is Right Around The Corner

  1. For those who do not subscribe to AOL here is what they had to say about PCB 3 days ago. Of the 5 cities to avoid, PCB is rated 1st, the 2nd is Cancun, Mexico.

    “AVOID: Panama City Beach, Florida For a few months a year, this Florida town—referred to as PCB by the college crowd—becomes a sea of students in swimwear. The 17-mile beach gets so rowdy Panama City is adding 24 more state troopers to their roster during the Spring Break season.

    The town also severed relations with MTV after a Lil Wayne performance got way out of hand last year, even by usual spring-break standards. But local businesses get their lion’s share of income during this time of year, so chances are they won’t go too far to curb the fun. Panama City is trying to upgrade its image with a new state-of-the-art airport, but for during Spring Break it continues to be one big party.”

    The article is found at: http://tinyurl.com/yefgubs

    I agree with the comments, Spring Break is out of control and those 2 weekends a year with bikers is also a pain in the rear.


  2. How many times are we reminded, by adults, of the child surrounded by more toys than he/she could ever hope to play with in a single sitting. If another child attempts to even touch one of them, we hear, “MINE!! MINE!!” Sharing is not even in the equation, “MINE!! MINE!!”

    I lived on one of the busier streets on the Beach, Nautilus. Most of the year for 30 minutes twice a day the street was impassible because of school buses or parents picking up or dropping off children. Didn’t they know it was “MINE!! MINE!!” Funny thing, I learned to schedule around it. If I was outside, I spoke or waved to those stuck in line and usually got a smile and wave in return. Since I always had some kind of project going, sometimes I would get a visitor just curious as to what was going on. I guess they didn’t know it was “MINE”!

    And since Nautilus is a great “cut through” street, Thunder Beach and Emerald Beach Cruise In, are especially busy times. All that extra traffic and noise, “MINE!! MINE!!” I’ll fix them, I’ll set up a chair and umbrella in the front yard with a cool one and I’ll just watch them, that will show them. And again, because of my projects, those “hooligans” would actually stop and talk and laugh and friendships were made. Couldn’t they see it was “MINE”.

    And tour buses, and floats lining up for parades and the band practicing. But mostly it was about living at the beach. It’s not about peace and quite all the time, it’s about excitement and change and experience. It’s about tourists, coming for the same reason you live here. It’s about traffic sometimes and frustration sometimes and dirty beaches sometimes AND it’s about being “Damn Nice” most of the time. And that “most” is the key word.

    If you’re all about peace and quite, and you still want water, maybe a lake in the Northern part of the county, or the river over at WeWa. Crestview might be a little more sedate. My bet is they all have their drawbacks.

    So for me, I miss the beach and can’t wait to move back. Who knows? Maybe there will be room, that is, unless somebody has claimed it as, “MINE”!


    1. Oh I dont mind the traffic, the noise (within reason, 3 a.m. is pushing it, especially vulgarity-laden) and most of the stuff you are talking about;

      When these spring break punks disrespect MY home, because it happens to be within walking distance to the beach, and MY mailbox gets busted up, and drunken idiots push MY screen in on the front porch, yeah. Its more than just a pain in the a** and I wish they would go elsewhere or learn some common decency.


  3. AOL says PCB is the number one place to avoid. After reading about the 70 year old owner at the Summit getting nearly beaten to death just outside his condo door I would have to agree. That’s what happens when you believe profit is more important than your residents. I will be avoiding PCB and I have been visiting for over 50 years. We will be going further south where they are more civilized.


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