TDC AGENDA: Southwest Marketing and Airport Grand Opening

This Tuesday April 13th, 2010 the TDC will be meeting to discuss the marketing campaign with Southwest Airlines. As you can imagine, this will be a topic of great interest as the opening date nears. And speaking of the opening date, there will be discussions about the big party to take place for the airport grand opening.

On a side note, there will be requests to address the board on the topic of spring break. Panama City Beach has been all over the news about balcony falls. You can expect heavy conversation on that.

Click more to read the full agenda.


Bay County Tourist Development Council
Panama City Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau, Inc.
Panama City Beach
Tuesday, April 13, 2010
9:00 a.m.
Council Room, PCB City Hall



A. Invocation
B. Pledge of Allegiance
C. Approve Minutes From March 9, 2010





A. Discuss and Consider for Approval CVB/TDC Financial Statements Dated February 28, 2010, Mr. Yonnie Patronis, Secretary/Treasurer

B. Discuss and Consider for Approval Coastal Planning & Engineering Invoice #100328, Invoice #100330, and Invoice #100331, Mrs. Lisa Armbruster, Sustainable Beaches, LLC

C. Discuss and Consider for Approval Aquatic Plants of Florida Invoice #21093, Mrs. Lisa Armbruster, Sustainable Beaches, LLC






To download the agenda click here.

23 thoughts on “TDC AGENDA: Southwest Marketing and Airport Grand Opening

  1. First of all spending $500,000 for a 3 day gala is an abomination. This airport was neither needed or wanted (Voted down by public vote). We have $330M in debt and wetlands that will never recover. And for what, so St Joe can develop their land. Bringing in Southwest was admirable, but I can still fly cheaper from Ft Walton. Just booked 3 flights from Ft Walton and all were cheaper than PCB, $188 to Chicago, $210 to Washington DC (Much better than BWI) and $245 to Houston Intercontinental, which is much better location geographically than Houston Hobby. I’ll stick with Ft Walton until I see otherwise and I just don’t see it.


  2. Anthony likes to drive for hours and pay for gas to ‘save’ a few bucks! Go for it! This airport is good for PCB!


  3. When Anthony drives his hour and a half and fights the traffic to Fort walton beach. he will then be able to have his US Air and American flights delayed and cancelled again and again and again so he save $8 on his ticket. your time must be worth precious little to you.
    And why does Anthony have so little regard for the damaged wetlands that no doubt occurred building the 4 lane to destin and the horrible CO2 pollutants he sprays into the environment as you drive over 30 extra miles to the FWB airport. i think i just heard a chipmunk cough…
    Good Lord, some people just are put on this earth to be bitter. Have you not seen all the national ads for Southwest featuring PCB. I think the extra travelers that see these ads and come to this area will have a better chance of paying off the $330MM debt than a disadvantaged Sea Otter. PCB is a great example of positive growth in the face of difficult times. They are to be lauded for their vision and dedication to the area.


  4. You have to admit it, spending $500,000 for a 3 day gala is an abomination!

    No, Bradley. Its only an hour and the savings of flying from Ft Walton is a bit more significant that $8. More like a savings of $188 for 4 to Chicago. The fare is about the same for us to fly from Ft Walton to Washington DC as it is from PCB to BWI, but who want’s to go to BWI?? I need to go to DC and flying from Ft Walton saves me $85 in taxi fare. My $245 fare to Houston is about the same, but again I save in taxi fees by flying into the better airport from Ft Walton.

    You all bitched about the new airport that was neither needed nor wanted right up until St Joe pulled it off with a $26M guarantee that brought in Southwest. Now Bradley says they should be “lauded for their vision and dedication to the area.” What an uneducated dip **** comment!

    Southwest will be gone after the incentives run out in three years. Bank it!


  5. $10 says this Anthony is from the bad side of the bridge. This website is PCBdaily and that means the beach, stay out of our affairs.


  6. we live in England but have a home in PCB and love it but as yet the new ‘international’ airport ECP is still much more expensive that Fort Walton. We have just booked three flights for two of us and saved a total of $720 by flying to Fort Walton—–why are the flights so much more expensive to the n ew airport and when will the international flights be announced ?


  7. Anthony says “we have $330M in debt. . .”

    Who is “we” — and what’s with the $330M in debt? I must be too focused on national issues.
    Will admit $500K is rather STEEP to throw a “grand opening” celebration during a recession. Can’t it be underwritten by sponsors and local businesses contributing some of their product to the gala?? Associating your business or brand to the new airport — that’s publicity that would be priceless. Seriously!!


  8. anthony.regarding the “uneducated dip ****” comment. Do you kiss your kids with that mouth.
    what a trashy person you are.
    whats wrong, someone challenge your point, and you have to cry and call them names…
    usually one must go to a bus station to find a clever retort such as yours….
    i am sure you are putting your Devry Tech diploma to great use.
    your argument lacks merit, and is incoherent at best.
    you argue that the wetlands will be damaged forever…what, you and Al Gore cook that one up….upon what do you base your assertion.
    you may be able to save a couple of dollars by going to FWB. But if you have to spend 3 extra hours of travel to save $100… again,,,,your time must be worth precious little.

    also, you do not account for economies of scale are put into place that these flights will come down in price. in fact…the reason your flights in FWB have come down is due in large part to compete with the new aiprort, or has that thought never occurred to you.

    one last thing,,,you act as if YOU are the only person this airport is built for..For the overwhelming majority of America that would like to visit the area and spend their money here, southwest is THE best option to get here.

    after all….YOU are already here, and as you claim we are $330MM in desbt, so obviously having YOU here has not helped at all…lets get some folks here who can make this place better.

    Anthony…. name calling only makes you look childish and devoid of intellect.



  9. Hello fellow posters… here at we appreciate the enthusiasm of strongly held views. We would like to ask that the English Language be used with the absence of 4 letter expletives.

    Thank you.

    The Editorial geeks at


  10. Hi Neil. As strange as this may sound, the current Panama City Airport is called an “international” airport and they have never had any international traffic. You see, you don’t have to have international traffic to be called an international airport. Many people are getting so wrapped up about the prospect of getting flights from the UK, Germany, Spain, etc. But, don’t hold your breath. I too find that the flights into Ft Walton Beach are much cheaper and will continue to use them. Cheers!


  11. We live in New York and have a condo in PCB. For the northeast, it is VERY expensive to get to PCB and most have never considered it for a vacation.

    While I totally agree that 500K spent on a 3 day “party” is a little absurd and quite wasteful, I believe the revenue generated by the opening of the airport will be substantial. The flights will come down when they are booked on a regular basis.

    Progress and change are never achieved without resistance!


    1. CVP you speak the truth. We bought our townhouse at Gulf Highlands in PCB almost two years ago and we fly into Panama City at least twice a year. It takes us hours to get there becuase we ALWAYS need to fly into Atlanta or Tenn. Never a direct flight. I only wish there was a direct flight from Newark Liberty! This year we will be in Ft. Lauderdale for 6 days (business) then off to Disney for three day JUST SO WE CAN BE ON THE FIRST FLIGHT OUT OF ORLANDO on 5/23!


      1. I never commented on the cost. I also wanted to say not only is it expensive to fly into PCB but it takes so long becuase of the need to change planes.


    1. Jerry what time are you arriving? We are on the first flight from Orlando and we are thrilled to make history. Can’t wait to see what kind of a party will be going on!


  12. I see why its so difficult to get anything done in pcb. Everyone is too busy insulting anyone that disagrees with them. Just like a bunch of school children. Someday when you all grow up maybe then pcb will catch up with the rest of the state.


  13. Hey Anthony, Have you figured in the extra charges for baggage that the other airlines charge?? Bet not. Southwest is by far the BEST airline in the industry and they don’t charge your bags to fly.


  14. Nah, I bet Anthony uses a Walmart bag with his clothes in it as carry-on luggage. Gotta prove ECP wrong! I think you all failed to mention that Delta is also bringing in bigger aircraft, MD-88s. Sounds like the airlines know what is about to happen to this area. Don’t see it for the present..Look into the future!


  15. Well, we plan to be on the first flight from BWI to PCB and are so excited that we can now bring our puppies with us on the plane. They love it here and while they won’t care one woof for the party (unless there are $500K in doggie treats) we look forward to seeing what is offered. I hope it will all be worth it for all God’s creatures. (Too late to give it all back.)

    PS – I appreciate that for the most part there is not a lot of mud slung in posts and hope the parties in this thread will reel it in. Let’s not be petty…


  16. I love SWA. It pains me to fly any other airline. With SWA I will be able to come to PCB twice as often. I have rarely made it to FWB (VPS) on time with Delta. I usually consider myself lucky to get there on the same day. Delta and American cancel so many flights it is disgusting. Other airlines bag fees are over $100 a trip. Delta stopped me with a small garmet bag I was going to carry on and made me check it and pay $25? to check it. I have carried the same bag on SWA a hundred times without a second look. SWA bags fly free whether you check them of not. There is no charge for ticket changes on SWA. Delta and American charge $150 to change a ticket. I could go on and on. GO Southwest!!!


  17. I have property in pc and would probley go real often if Icould get a flight from C HATTANOOGA TENN. i always drove down there .but since i cant drive any more I would fly.

    All my familey flys south west air lines. GO SOUTHWEST ! WE WANT YOU IN pANA CITY BEACH !!


    1. RS,

      You will never see AirTran at PC as long as SW is there and getting all the money from St Joe. I just booked a flight from ATL to Ft Walton Beach for $158 Round trip!


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