From Garden to Grub – The Zen Garden Market and Lotus Café

Organic food lovers and health nuts rejoice! In addition to all our great new restaurants, Panama City Beach at last has a place where you can find truly wholesome, natural foods, a wide variety of locally grown, organic produce, and even a plant nursery. Located in the heart of Panama City Beach on R. Jackson Blvd but almost hidden amid the leafy palms, Zen Garden Market and Lotus Café offers a secluded, idyllic setting just minutes from the hustle and bustle of Panama City Beach. Just stopping to pick up a bag of tomatoes can feel like an escape- stay for a meal on the beautiful outdoor patio and you’ll feel like you’ve been to heaven and back.

The great thing about Zen Garden Market and Lotus Café is the fact that it supports local farmers by offering organic produce grown in our area and encourages people to make healthy choices when it comes to the food we eat. The Lotus Café and Fluid Lounge features a simple yet delectable menu of nutritious choices including mostly vegan and vegetarian options plus some shrimp and chicken dishes. Fancy something a little different? The curries are made in-house from scratch and change weekly, and can be served with either chicken or tofu and served with brown rice and vegetables. There’s a scrumptious baked falafel, shrimp salad pita, portabello “Philly” sandwich, veggie burger, and a wonderful selection of salads, dips and smoothies – all bursting with fresh, wholesome ingredients and a myriad of flavors.

The produce market offers a good selection of organically grown fruits and vegetables based on the availability of local farmers, and what is grown at the market’s nursery itself. Prices are affordable, and the market carries not only regional produce but also some of the more exotic imported produce such as coconuts, ginger, pineapple and mangoes. Fresh herbs can be clipped right off the vine, and there’s a huge variety of spices from all over the world that will help transform any dish. If you’ve been craving healthy food, been stuck in a cooking rut or are looking for some great ways to spice up mealtimes, this is definitely the place to go! Check out their website for lots more information.

The Zen Garden Market and Lotus Café is located at 707 Richard Jackson Blvd. Panama City Beach. For more details call (850)234-1651.


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