Hidden Dunes is Proactive during Gulf Oil Spill Crisis

To show all their customers and potential customers they care, Hidden Dunes condominiums on Thomas Drive in Panama City Beach has taken a very proactive stance in getting the word out that oil is not effecting their beautiful resort or the pristine beaches it lies on.  They actually hired us (the CYber SYtes team) to shoot a video of their property and put it on their web site.  The point was to emphasize that while the situation in the Gulf of Mexico is very serious, it has not effected us environmentally yet, and actually doesn’t look like it will.

Still, as of today, we have no tar balls or sheen hitting the beaches of Northwest Florida or Panama City Beach.  This is great news.

So, the video is great, but really what makes them special is what they are doing to help their customers feel special and assured their vacation investment is protected.

One of the cool efforts of the Panama City Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau is that they are in the process of adopting an area-wide plan where if the beaches are closed during a visitor’s stay, the participating resort will offer a $200 travel credit towards a return visit.  Hidden Dunes is proud to be supporting this and will indeed offer a $200 travel credit to anyone whose vacation is interrupted by government closed beaches.  If the Panama City Beach CVB program has enough buy-in, they’ll spend some money marketing it and making it known across our feeder markets.

In addition to the $200 travel credit, if something were to happen before you come to the Hidden Dunes resort, and the beaches are closed, they will refund any damage deposit you have made with them.  It’s great that they are being proactive to help incentivize tourists to continue with their travel plans to Panama City Beach.

As of right now, wind and ocean currents continue to keep the plume away from our beautiful beaches.  This has been the trend, and we are all hoping and praying that that will stay the trend.  We, as a community, are doing everything we can to prepare should that trend change, however.  The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is still meeting daily to review any plans to prevent or limit any environmental damage we may have on our beaches.

For more information about Hidden Dunes, visit their website at HiddenDunesCondo.com

In the spirit of full disclosure, Hidden Dunes is a client of CYber SYtes (Web SYtes by Design), and PCBDaily.com.

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