Celebrate Panama City Beach!

I have always loved the quote, “The more you CELEBRATE the more you have to CELEBRATE”  As I was taking my early Sunday gratitude walk on our beautiful white sand beaches with waves lapping at my ankles  I was celebrating every step.  Now is a great time to think GRATITUDE for  all that we have in Panama City beach and all the good in our lives that we can turn around and share with others.  I am sure that many of you know people that make complaining an art form and can go from distress to disaster in a matter of moments but it is my hope that is not our life plan.

As a Realtor you can imagine that we have been bombarded by questions of what the impact has been due to the Oil spill and again I DO NOT want to minimize those that have been truly impacted and they deserve help.  There are however many of us that have been fortunate to continue doing business and that is true in the area of Real Estate.  The media would have you believe that it is just AWFUL And I guess it could be if we all focused on the awful and stayed there but that does not have to be the case.  WE too have been impacted somewhat but I do know that the solution is NOT In focusing on the problem but focusing on what is going right. Thankfully people still know that buying in Panama City while the market is down is  a great investment for their future.

I am going to wax personal here today for just a bit and share a big SECRET with you about why I do not jump on the worry train when life turns up challenges.  When I was a child I grew up in a situation where I could have gone towards the negative and chosen a life path that was destructive and self abusive but for whatever reason I started reading positive books about people of greatness.  Many of my family members went a different direction. My mentors and role models  were people that others accused of being unrealistic but I discovered that  these so called unrealistic people  were  successful, peaceful and going places and best yet…. taking others up the hill with them!!!!  At age 10 I decided that I would not give in to the negative and the worry and do all that I could to “Accentuate the Positive”.   I agreed with Henry Ford when he said, If you think  you can or you think you can’t you are right!!!!

It is my hope that any of you that are worried and fretting over the uncertainty of our future that you will reach for some great books with empowering  ideas to lift you up so you in turn can lift up others.  I will give you a short list of my books at the end of this article.

The thing that I have noticed about hardship is that there will ALWAYS be people who find opportunity in every obstacle.  I am not sure why some people find them while others push them away.  I think the reality is that the quest before us will be as hard as we make it. When we all let go of the fear then we can allow creative solutions to come to mind.  Great men and woman have always done that.  These people have great energy, gifts and vision for what can be.  The challenge and adversity just propels them to greatness and I suspect it can for you too.

Please go take a walk on our sweet beach that we love so much and better yet grab someone to go with you so you can share in it.  I am so thankful for all the people that have continued to bless our business and our life and you know the drill……. Until we meet again be sure to remember, “The only people we have to get even with are those that have helped us”  So many of you are on my list!!!!!

Karen K. Smith
Beachy Beach
Real Estate
“The only people we have to get even with are those that have helped us”

8 thoughts on “Celebrate Panama City Beach!

  1. God! That was powerful, Karen! I love your attitude towards life. I am so grateful for having met you via Facebook. Your words really make my day. You are right on so many levels. Yes, the news pumps out a flood of negativity that we all seem to be drawn to. We drink it in and, then ,feel awful for what we have just partaken. It’s like the way everyone slows down on the interstate to try to get a better view of the car accident ahead. When we see the twisted metal, we say to ourselves “Better him than me.” It ,somehow, makes us feel better about our own lives. But that is only temporary. Negative feelings soon follow, as the guilt creeps in. Your choice of choosing to remain positive in a flood of negativity is inspiring. We should all practice that. I do love the beach. I love to lower the windows and breath in the warm salty air as I drive in from Atlanta. I am always amazed at how calm I feel after being at the beach for a few days. I have witnessed the same thing happen to members of my family. Besides just being a fun place to go, the Gulf Coast has magical powers that seem to bring out the child in all of us. I think that it has something to do with the waves. I continue to go to my family’s home near you. And I hope that others will see beyond the hype of the news and visit there also. Thank you for just being you. You make my day! Charlie


  2. I have come to learn that being happy and being miserable is contagious. When I am around someone like you, I am light hearted, and my soul smiles. Thank you for allowing me to “Catch” your positive outlook. Everyone is in your life for a reason and everything happens for a reason. I am so blessed to live in a beautiful place like this and to have met beautiful people like you!! Don’t forget also, that Life Happens When Your Busy Making Plans!
    See you Saturday Karen, :o)
    Brandi Bickford


  3. I am blown away!!! You are so right that this feeling of jubilation is contagious and continual and the comments that I ma getting are just like rocket fuel for me day. Not sure how high I will climb today but I know it is further because of the feedback from great people who know how to live!!!! LIVE OUT LOUD!!!!


  4. You are so right Karen!!!
    After I left Saturday I was dead tired but after meeting you and Noel I was high on life. You two have such a posative outlook on life and it is so contagious. Thanks again for a great day Saturday. I’m looking forward to meeting with you two in a couple weeks. I will have to make it a habit to stop in every week to get my dose of enthusiasm from the Beachy Beach girls!
    Thanks again!!


  5. Oh MY Goodness!!!! I am still sitting at the office playing catch up and I read this sweet comment from a customer that we met that is certainly a friend already!!! This is why I do what I do because of people just like this. I still can not believe that I get to do what brings me joy and in turn get to spread it. We have been so blessed with the sweetest customers!!!!! WE have expanded at Beachy Beach and have the most powerfully precious group of women!!!!


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