Pier Park is getting it's Own Beach!

If you’ve been wandering Pier Park in Panama City Beach in the last couple weeks, you’ve probably noticed they’re moving a lot of dirt across the street from Miracle Strip @ Pier Park and east where the sand volleyball court is.  This large swath of undeveloped land has been waiting for something exciting to occupy it since the beginning of Pier Park, and it finally has a future.

In a few weeks time, the fine folks at Pier Park will be moving in 3,600 tons of “Emerald Coast Beach Quality White Sand”, creating a real white sand beach in Pier Park, with all the fun except the water.  To keep everyone cool in our hot Florida sun they’ll be putting in four 40′ by 40′ staggered canvas shade structures that will be supported on all four corners by brightly colored poles of varying heights.  If you’re trying to get a mental image, picture the shade structures they have at the pool at Frank Brown Park, in Panama City Beach.

Some of the activities to take place in this new beach include shell digs, treasure hunts, archeological dig (sponsored by the Jr. Museum – still tentative right now though), sand sculpture contests, corn-hole toss games, and tons of other games the talented staff of Pier Park can dream up of.

So get your flip-flops ready, put on your shades, pack your beach towels and come on out to Pier Park, and don’t forget to say hi when you see me lounging in my beach chair.

9 thoughts on “Pier Park is getting it's Own Beach!

  1. sounds great how long is this supposed to take we were there in June and will be coming back next June my kids look forward to checking it out


  2. What the heck is a corn-hole toss? Any cooling fans or water sprinklers for the kids? What’s a beach without water to cool you off?


    1. When I first heard of corn-hole toss I wasn’t exactly sure what was being said to me lol! But, it’s a game w/ four people, two teams of two. There are eight bean bags (usually filled w/ corn), four for each team. Two slanted boards with a hole in the middle placed a certain distance apart facing each other. Two people from different teams stand at each board (so you and your team mate are facing each other) and alternate throwing their bags to the board away from them trying to get it through the hole. Once all bags have been thrown, the scoring complete, your team mates will then alternate throwing them back at your board and so on until the winning score is reached. It’s sorta like Horse Shoes, but instead of shoes and a steak use corn filled bags and a hole 🙂 I hope that helps!


  3. Ditto casual observer on all points. I too require an explanation of “corn hole toss.” I also agree that this will need some sort of water element as well because of the summer heat. Perhaps a fountain, similar to Atlanta’s Olympic Park, where visitors can cool off, assuming that’s workable with the sand of course.


  4. If you Google Corn-hole toss it will give you all the information. There are lots of folks playing it on the beach these days. Hope this helps.


  5. Well, I guess I just do not get this! Why on earth would anyone leave the “real” beach where they can look upon the beautiful ocean and go over to Pier Park to sit in the sand there? I don’t get it!
    Sorry, this is beyond me and totally a lot of expense spent that could have been used elsewhere.
    The (Corn-Hole Toss) game has been around for ages now & a big hit game worth playing. As jasper said…. Google it! Good game to play at picnics, work outings, parties… I’ve even seen it played in parking lots at football games!
    Sorry I have turn a thumb down on this one… build some reasonable “good” place to get ice cream, drinks or sandwiches, visitors love this!


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