First Family to Vacation in Panama City Beach

Like him or not, President Obama and his family might be in Panama City Beach for a “personal” vacation August 14 to enjoy our emerald green waters and crystal white sand, the same as hundreds of thousands of tourists do each year.  Note the word, “might”, used in the first sentence.

Local media outlets owned by Freedom Communication (News Herald, Walton Sun, and the Northwest Florida Daily News) have all reported that they will be vacationing in Panama City Beach.  However, the only release I can find states that they will be visiting the Gulf Coast area with the specific area being, at this time, undisclosed.

Either way, news of President Obama coming to our treasured area is sure to boost tourism.  With all the media activity we’ve seen over the last couple months, news of the First Family vacationing along our stretch of beach is certainly not to be looked over as anything but great.

Last we talked about the Obama family and their relation to our beach, in that the First Lady sifted her toes through our snowy sand, we had a huge backlash from our readers and a wave of unsubscribes.  I found this perplexing, to say the least.

I’ll be the first to admit, I didn’t vote for President Obama.  And, I don’t agree with much he stands for or supports.  But, I will say this:  He is our president.  I would never say that his office should grant him immediate respect as a person, but his office as the presidency certainly cannot be looked over in that it is quite fantastic that our little quaint beach town is now known by something of such global recognition.  I mean. . .  come on. . .  that’s awesome.  Admit it.

So what does all this mean for us?  Whether the First Family comes to Panama City Beach, or any other area in the Gulf Coast, this is huge for tourism on our waters.  Any of you that have been down here over the last two months know as well as I that we live in paradise.  Absolute paradise.  People dream of spending just a few choice moments in our waters all year long.  We get to do it every day.  And, now that the President and his family has chosen to spend a few days before their summer vacation in our waters is sure to give one last push for our tourism season.

Local officials have reported that the visit of the First Lady, Michelle Obama last month has done wonders for encouraging people to come down, leave their flops at the beach entrance and enjoy a day in the Gulf.  If President Obama and the family come here to Panama City Beach, I want to be the first to welcome them to the beach and sincerely wish them a great time.

16 thoughts on “First Family to Vacation in Panama City Beach

  1. “First Family to Vacation in Panama City Beach”

    Q. Just how many vacations are too many? Maybe someone would like to take time off from vacations and golf to actually run the country?


  2. I guess their vacation to Spain this week at a mere cost of over $6MM was not enough vacation time and expense.
    We can all look forward to Pier Park being shut down for 4-5 hours while the first family shops.
    One positive. At least when Obama is on vacation he has less free time to think of creative ways to kill capitalism.
    What an absolute sham of a “President”.


  3. All you people like to do is demonize anyone you do not like. Remember who put us in the mess we are in now. Republicans.


    1. when was Barrack elected . . how many months, no, years ago? Hey, I bashed Bush alot, but this guy is hands down the worst! Lets take a pole . . does Roger have his own business on PCB? No way, nada, never, nope . . . jes hep me, hep me, hep me . . .probably, maybe! I own my own business Rog. Rog, we are in this mess because a long list of government officials put people into homes they could not afford . . . then we over lent, over built, over spent, etc. Just look at Fannie & Freddie . there is one of your main culprits. I mean come on, Barrack has been president for 20 months . . .where is Mista Magic man . . come on . . he has been there a long time now!


      1. No I do not own my own business. I am retired from teaching for over 30 years, keeping foster children in my home for over 10 years, helping students pass the SAT or ACT for over 30 years, caring about people for over 60 years. Maybe your business is true and honest, but this country was messed up by greed in housing, not just fannie and freddie, by greed in stock market, by greed by oil companies, by greed in banking, by terrible regulations over all these. Help me understand something. If you made over a billlion dollars a year, don’t you believe you charge too much for your service. Fuss at hard working people like me, but I believe big business’ greed is slowly tearing this country down.


      2. knew it . . .government employee! Get that damn pension paid out for the rest of your life, while the backbone of America, small buisness, gets screwed. Your an ex-teacher and you still did not understand my post. If you think big business is more of a culprit of greed over our goverment than you have tottally missed what I wrote! Goverment works for us. Big business, you don’t have to buy their product or service. Capitalism is freedom, its competition, the best rpoduct for the best price. Someday, your pension will not be there . . and unfortunately sooner than we both want to happen.


      3. Robert and Roger. You are both right and you are both wrong. Its to long to get into each argument. But basically, the marriage between big business and politics do two things. Business pays politics to make sure Competition is not fair. So that kills that argument. And Politicians are as greedy as their buddies in business that they are in bed with so Government is just as bad. The argument about political parties is just a waste of time. They are ALL in it for the money. As soon as both sides(we the people) open their eyes and smell the coffee we are not going to be able to change our lot in life.


      4. robert, you can win this argument. Anyone who answers polictics at 341 in the morning deserves to win. God bless you, robert, sincerely. Something tells me that my replies have made your day. Believe it or not, I am heading for pcb in the morning for rest and relaxation. Thanks Rob N for your reply. Isn’t America wonderful, even with all its faults.


      5. 4:41 where I am, but ready for my crack of dawn work day! I am heading down for Seafood, wine, and music fest and I will buy you a drink Roger! I live in Atl, but will be flying into PCB from West Palm and am looking forward to checking out the airport!


      6. I have worked hard all my life and I can tell you, I have not had a vacation in over 3 years because I can’t afford to go. By goodness, I believe it unfair for this president to flaunt all his nice costly vacations that you and I are paying for and there are people starving in this country. I say poo on him for his inconsideration of others and his uppity behavior.


  4. Remember who put us in the mess we are in now. Republicans.

    What’s the matter with Republicans?

    If you make up a list of poor Presidents then you would have Jimmy Carter, the impeached but not convicted Bill Clinton and now the out of his depth Obama. Of course we don’t have to look far for other less savory members of the Democratic party, 2 major league Black House members are up on charges and refuse to do the honorable thing and resign.

    Considering how much the Obama and Clinton women spend it is a wonder they are not Republicans. I don’t see them giving it away to poor people, they spend it on lavish overseas vacations and over the top weddings.

    Considering how bad a job Mr. Obama is doing and how long it took to get a Black president my calculations indicate that we can expect our next Black president around the year 2238.


  5. I just don’t get it. Deregulation crashed the financial sector which crashed the economy. Deregulation allowed mind-bogglingly wealthy oil companies to by-pass safety standards and destroy your waters. Deregulation drives wages and benefits down.

    And yet you’re mad at the people who want to save your asses from the deregulators.

    You southern republicans make absolutely no sense.


  6. You folks that are so down on the Republicans for the mess the country is in now seem to forget the demo
    crats held the majority in congress all during that time, What were they doing? and Roger us folks that worked for the govement for 30 years earned our retirement.


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