August Bed Tax Numbers CRUSHED, Worse than July

Like igniting gun powder on an open wound, August’s bed tax collection numbers were a piercing pain in an open wound.  We talked about last month that July’s bed tax collection numbers were down 14.58% total, including the normal first three cents combined with the additional 4th and 5th cent.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, August’s numbers were just released and rang in at 14.74% down over August of 2009.  Remember, this number is a comparison of year over year and fails to take into consideration the potential for increase as a result of normal growth and the explosion we were expecting this summer with the opening of the new airport and millions of extra marketing dollars being pumped into this area.

So, what does the 14.74% mean, money-wise?

This loss in August equates to a loss of $139,659.58 in lost revenue to the County’s bed tax pool, which funds the Bay County Tourist Development Council.  In terms of how it effected the beach businesses: $2.8 million in revenue that could have come into the area.  If you look at the total lost revenue for the whole summer, over $10 million that could have gone to local businesses from regular tourism activity that was lost forever.  The total bed tax revenue that was lost was in excess of a half million dollars.

Again, this only takes into consideration year over year losses, this doesn’t take into consideration the projected losses from anticipated growth.  But, Bay County is in the process of retaining a law firm that will help them determine just how much we could have gained using the expertise of forensic accountants and economic accountants.  So, we shall see!

5 thoughts on “August Bed Tax Numbers CRUSHED, Worse than July

  1. PCB’s reputation is getting worse because of spring break (it was nationwide news about the condo owner beaten) and loud motorcycles during thunder beach. PCB must forget about being a family-oriented vacation town and trying to sell itself as same or quit the loud and raucous party atmosphere.


    1. Hi Bob…….
      Last year my husband & I were in PCB staying on Thomas Drive durnign Bike Week. This week my brother and his family stayed on Thomas Drive durning Bike Week.
      Neither of us can honestly lodge a complaint about any of the things you are speaking about.
      many of the Bikers stayed at the condo we all stayed at & were fine. Infact we got a kick out of looking at all the bikes & talking to them. We found them very friendly, many bringing their familys down with them. Yes, the road was a bit crowded later on in the evening but, around 11 or so at night…. it was quiet.
      PCB is a wonderful vacation town & we have found it for many years to be “Family Oriented”.
      I base this on coming down several times a year & speaking to owners of many different establishments.
      Please do not paint PCB to be a horrible place….. it is not!


  2. It was also national news about the constant deaths that happen as well as the hugh number of arrests that were made. My question was never answered.
    What happened to the kids arrested??? Did they just get a slap on the hand?
    If every kid under 21 had their parents called and told they needed to come personally to PCB and pick their kid up the number of arrested over and over would soon go down. Hurt the kids and their parents in their pocket book and things would start to change. A $10 fine does nothing but give lunch money to the Police Dept who mostly turn a blind eye to the outragous accepted behavor
    of Spring Breakers.

    Until PCB wakes up like others cities that once played host to Spring Breakers it will still be known as the trashy little town where Spring Breakers rule and anything goes.


    1. When kids are allowed to come to the beach on Spring Break without proper supervision, bad things will happen. Remember these are “kids” renting condos and having the time of their life.
      I’m sure the police dept of PCB handle this the best they can and put on more officers to do so. And yes, sad to say there may even be accidental deaths. There was one in the place our family stays at. Bad, yes… but, bad things do happen in our world.
      PCB is not a “trashy” town, it is in fact a wonderful town with good morals and people.
      If you look close there is some bad in all towns…… If you’re looking for it!
      I would not vacation anyplace else. If I could I would more there.


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